Sunday, April 17

Thankyou! 200 Followers ♥

You guessed it, I've just reached 200 (+1) followers! *celebratory dance*

I thought I'd round it off with quite a few beautiful photos throughout the time I've been here on blogger. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Mostly the ugly, I'm still a work in process ;)

I've absolutely loved the year I've had here, meeting all of your gorgeous people! I give you all a heart felt thank you for following me, and an extra special hug for the comments you write :)

As a thank you I will be trying to host a giveaway soon, but as I'm just about to sit my GCSEs it's all about revision right now. I promise I'll be back on my blogging-mojo in a month or two!

Until then, I hope you all have an amazing spring and I'll see you all in the summer. Look forward to seeing the giveaway, and also a few new things I'm working on..

If you'd like me to check out your blog, please feel free to leave the link below. I hope to follow every single one of you :) And if I already follow you, still drop your link as everybody else can go follow! 


  1. yay well done, i think i was the 201 follower :)
    Good luck with your exams :)


  2. Yay for Sophie! I love your photos! That dress is lovely!x

  3. Wow, 200 followers! Well done :)

    I'm on a bit of a blogging break just now too because I have my standard grades in may & june :(

    Good luck with your GCSEs

    Dee x

  4. Well done to you!! :) Hope to see you blogging again soon! :) xx
    As you said feel free to leave my link, I thought why not?!! :)

    Congrats again X

  5. Congrats on reaching over 200 followers!

    You can check out my blog at

  6. Well done on getting 200 followers :) i like your blog :D its really good :D
    Im following you :) please follow me back -
    My blog=
    thanks :) xxx

  7. Congrats! and really lovely photos! I really like your blog, its really good. Im following you, please follow back! Thanks xxx

  8. That's so good to get to 200 followers! aha :)
    Good luck with your gcses! :)
    My blog is


  9. Congratulations on getting 200 followers :) really nice blog :)

    Please follow me and i will follow back :)
    Thankyou xx


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