Sunday, April 3

Sunday Summary (7)

I feel like I'm doing these all the time recently.. but this month should be a little different. I will hopefully have quite a few interesting posts for you! Let's wait and see :)

  • I've been spending more time with my dad recently, which has been great. My parents live together but are in the process of a divorce.. It's been going on for a few years though so I'm not upset or anything. I tend to spend a lot of time with my mum as my dad works long hours, but lately I've had more spare time and so has he. We spend 2 hours yesterday walking our doggies which was fun. 30 minutes of that was spent with my dad looking up at a tree trying to find a bird that was chirping. We aren't a strange family at all.. we just couldn't find the bird!
  • After getting a few things from MAC's Quite Cute collection, my mum has now decided she wants the Fashion Fanatic plush glass I got. So as soon as MAC opens up their website again I will be buying 2, one for her and a spare for me. I've never found a lip gloss that suits my skin so well, I love it. :)
  • It's Mother's Day! I got my mum some flowers last night, and have got her a Clinton's Card's card (strange sentence!) with some Thornton's chocolates. We aren't going to do anything special because her back is playing up at the minute, meaning she's finding it hard to bend down, drive and walk. Not good. We are planning on watching Inception, as she still hasn't watched it since I got it for her at christmas!
  • I'd like to say thanks to you all for clicking on my posts when they pop up in your dashboard. It may sound a little silly, but it means an awful lot! I am hoping to get 200 followers by the end of this month, so if you see me posting on twitter I would love a RT. When I reach 200 I am going to be getting a few products for you all, which will include some Pantene sample/travel products. :)
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  1. Soz to hear about your parents, glad you're okay about it all though. I'm so tempted to check out the Quite Cute collection! x

  2. Sorry about your parents hun :o( But it's great that you are spending time with your dad.
    Just in case you didn't know, you can get the Quite Cute collection from Debenhams and use code SHD1 for free del. I think you get 10% off for buyinh two items of beauty too at the moment xx

  3. Good to hear you are spending more time with your dad, and I'm so tempted to buy stuff from the Quite Cute collection but I must resist as I need to save. Hope you reach 200 followers soon, you deserve it. :)


  4. Hope you had a lovely day with your mum. Sorry to hear about your parents, sounds like you are dealing with it really well. Big smiles xx


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