Friday, April 29

The Royal Wedding

Kate Middleton married William Mountbatten-Windsor today, the 29th of April at 11am. It was the most beautiful thing, and I thought I'd show some of my favourite image already released of the Princess and Prince. They both look so happy!

It was so natural, laid back and picturesque as they sat in their carriage on the way back to Buckingham Palace. You can tell they are really in love, and have been for some time. Princess Catherine was wearing a beautiful Alexander McQueen dress and apparently did her own makeup using Lancome products. 

We can now call them the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, very posh, with Kate's full name being Catherine Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor. They definitely suit their royal names, especially Catherine. I think she'll be the best Princess yet, and although they've just got married, I think she'll make an amazing mum! What will they call the kids? 

This has definitely been a day in history, and I know it'll be plastered all across the news tonight and tomorrow. I'm so happy for them! She's a lucky lady, minus the fact he's losing his hair. 


  1. You must have looked so cool! I really want one, but obviously one of Catherine. The Queen isn't really my cup of tea ;) xx

  2. I love him despite his early hair loss :L :D
    went out last night and this club was handing out free royal masks! I got the Queen one :D so cool ;) haha xx

  3. I believe it was a Sarah Burton designed dress by Alexandra McQueen :) x

  4. They certainly went all out! x

  5. Gorgeous event, lovely pic! x


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