Saturday, April 2

Review: Nubar 'Freeze Dry' Polish

I'm going to start this off with a pretty strong statement: This is a must-have product if you hate smudging your nails after they've been freshly painted. It's perfect for those quick changes of nail colour, in fact it's the one product I think I'd repurchase for the rest of my life.

Nubar Freeze Dry Nail Polish Drying Accelerator

This product is an oil that dries your nails super quick and prevents from smudging and lifting. You can either buy it with a brush applicator or a pipette, but I own the brush version. 

I use this after I have painted my nails and it dries in just 50 seconds! It applies like an oil so you only need a drop or two, and then you just wait for it to dry. I don't know if it's supposed to.. but I feel it nourishes my cuticles at the same time which is great. I wouldn't say this will completely prevent from smudging, as with anything, but I've never smudged a nail after using this!

An little example of it's handy work.. You have 10 minutes to leave for school and realise you fell asleep before you had a chance to paint your nails last night. Your worrying and quickly take out the first polish that comes to mind, apply the two coats and run off to school. Before you've even got in the car it's smudged on your bag! And you're freezing cold because you don't want to put your hand through the arm of your cardigan incase it sticks to it. You have to walk around school all day with smudge nail polish and wish you had just left them looking bare!

Now a little Nubar story.. You have 10 minutes to leave for school, so you apply the two coat of your favourite nail polish, then leave for about 20 seconds. You apply the Freeze Dry and wait for about a minute. You put your jumper on, grab your bag and get in the car with smudge free nail polish. You show off your nails all day and study it's handy work while your bored in math!

See the difference? I know I sound extremely enthusiastic about this product, but it is a must-have! And just a side note: it's Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Phthalate free too.

(this post was not sponsored by Nubar or Feelunique and I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies, all opinions are my own. I was given this product by my mum, so yes it was for free..)


  1. Wow, I'll definitely be trying this one! I ALWAYS smudge my nail polish some way or another and I agree it is SO annoying... thank you so much for this tip! xx

  2. I always smudge my polish, so this sounds like something I need! xx

  3. Wow This does sound like a must have product especially for me who always smudges her nails and cannot sit still for more than 5 minutes! Thanks so much for the review! Will have to look into getting one for myself! x


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