Tuesday, April 5

Recipe For A Best Friend's Birthday Present

Attempting to copy this idea may lead to a serious need of cleaning up. Parental guidance needed!! (only joking)

Without my best friend's agreement I decided to post the gift I made/gave her for her birthday yesterday, which to be honest I'm quite proud of! She won't mind! So without further ado, here is my recipe for a best friend's birthday present.. 

1) Pick a cute container.. either a box, bucket, vase or flower pot (the more creative the better!)

2) Buy some sweets you know your friend will love, failing that buy two large cups of pick'n'mix! Put these in the box.

3) Fill the box slightly with shredded paper, tissue paper, foam shapes.. I think shredded paper makes it look more like a lucky dip, which is what I'm going for.

4) Buy a skincare item. I got my best friend (yes, you Anna if you are reading this!) a Passion Fruit Shower Gel from The Body Shop, as it's from a brand she really likes. I got this in their sale, and it smells amazing :)

5) Add a few little makeup products. I chose a lipstick and a blush, but you can pick anything you like!

6) Take the 2 makeup products and your skincare product and place them into the box, hiding them completely with your desired material. I'm using shredded paper.

7) Squeeze everything in and close the box.. you're nearly done now :)

8) Wrap it up, and add some cute little bows and your done. Perfecto!

Have you done something like this for a friend? Are you going to? 
Share the love and comment below :D


  1. What a brilliant idea! So lovely and thoughtful :)

    I love putting together gifts like this for people...I did something similar for my Mum for Mother's Day!


  2. I love how everything is wrapped :)
    so inventive and cute!! x

  3. That is such a lovely idea, i bet she loved it, in fact i know she did! :)

  4. What a lovely pressie:) I did that for a friend once but instead of shredded paper I hid everything in sweets....serious sugar overload lol

  5. Me and a couple other friends join up together on a mates birthday and buy a bucket in their favourite colour then fill it with matching things! It's come a tradition.

  6. This is such a cute idea! I'm going to exchange presents with two of my closest friends really soon and I'll probably steal your idea! haha (: xx


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