Friday, April 1

Quite Cute MAC Collection

Sorry for being MIA.. coursework has been hectic. I promise to be better!

UPDATE: The orange toned images are due to bad lighting conditions, I will try not to do this in the future. I know it changes the colours of the products slightly so I apologise for that x

After seeing a few bloggers tweeting about MAC's collection being out, I jumped on the bandwagon and picked up some things before MAC had even sorted out the Quite Cute products correctly. It took a bit of searching, but when I found what I was looking for I was like a little kid in a sweet shop.

This is my first ever purchase from a MAC collection, and I must say I was more than jolly when it arrived yesterday.. *jumping up and down like a kangaroo*

Giggly 'Quite Cute' Blusher
Miss Behave 'Quite Cute' Blusher
Fashion Fanatic 'Quite Cute' Plush Glass
219 and 168 brushes

Miss Behave Blusher: I'd recommend this if you have pale skin like me. It adds a lovely beige/coral glow. It's not coral, it's not beige. It's the best of both! As you can see the green shimmery heart was broken when I received this.. That makes me sad :( £18

Giggly Blusher: I haven't worn this yet, but I've swatched it. Giggly is a really rosy pink colour! Absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to slap it on (not literally). £18

Plush Glass in Fashion Fanatic: This looks like a delicate baby pink in the bottle, but with also a tiny bit of peach thrown in there. I can tell already this is going to be my HG lip gloss for a while to come! £16

Here I am wearing the plush glass. My lips are naturally very pink, yet this tones them done to a more delicate pink and adds a lovely glossy finish. 

These two brushes aren't from the collection, but I'm started a little brush collection so these have joined my other 2 brushes I got in February!

219 Pencil Brush: This is perfect for applying/blending eyeshadow under your waterline, and it's super soft. It's also quite sturdy! I'm so glad I got this brush as I'd wanted it for a while! £18

168 Large Angled Contour Brush: A perfect blush for seamlessly applying blusher, it blends it so smoothly that even your neon pink blusher can look natural. This is a must-have.  £24

Are you going to get anything from the Quite Cute collection?
I think you should! :D


  1. The blushers are so pretty! ^^ The gloss looks great on you :)

  2. shame blush was cracked :(:( hate it when that happens

  3. I really like this collection, very nice :) xx

  4. I'm looking at getting the Giggly blush when it comes out here.

    My boyfriend is surprising me with a plushglass.

    Could you please check out my blog:

  5. I was going to buy one or two of the blushes, but I decided not to in the end because I'm trying to save some money. They look really lovely, though! x


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