Sunday, March 13

Sunday Summary (6)

It's horrible seeing the photos of Japan and knowing how badly it's affected them, the Red Cross are now taking donations. 
  • I got my results back for half of my GCSE Geography grade this week, 25% being a controlled assessment and the other 25% being from an exam. I got an A* which I am absolutely over the moon about, as I'm usually awful at Geography and got a D in the practice exam! I also got 40% of my final Child Development GCSE grade back this week, which was also an A*!! I was expecting that though, as miss had hinted a few times (and I'd stayed behind after school long enough lol). 
  • I received my long awaited Naked Palette on Monday from Debenhams and have used it everyday since! I'm especially loving Toasted, Sin, Sidecar and Naked as they all suit my unbelievably pale skin! I'm getting a spray tan again soon though, my mum's a beauty therapist so does them for free (only for me obv.) which is great as I don't look like such a ghost!
  • I have a big announcement for you.. I've walked the dog twice this week! I never walk my dog, just because my gran usually takes him when she takes our other two out. But I've actually got off my bum and walked him twice, and they weren't little walks either.. I practically walked to Pluto and back. Though Pluto isn't a real planet blah blah ;) 
A few to follow: Louise, Christina and Emma


  1. Well done on your grades, I'm so nervous about my standard grade geography exam because there is so much writing to do :S

    Dee x

  2. well done on your exam results :D i wish i had a dog, then it would be an excuse to take it out for walks!
    love what the hell atm! xxx

  3. Well done with your exams!! :) xxx

  4. used the naked palette today and love it! slightly disappointed that pluto isn't a planet anymore- how else are kids going to remember the mnemonic "my very excellent mother just served us nine.." NINE WHAT I ASK OF YOU?!

    thanks for the mention :)

    (and you thought you could write long comments ha ;) x

  5. Thank you for the congrats! just to get the other percentage for my grades now :) xxx

    Oh Emma!! We could rename it 'my very excellent mother served us' Nachos? Nuts? Noodles? Poor Pluto! I can't believe it's not a planet, it was always my favourite! aha

    That's okay, loving your blog at the moment! & our twitter conversations ;)

    I know, I'm amazed.. world record comment? :P

  6. Well done on your exam results! I really want to try the Naked Palette, I have a few of the colours in a different Urban Decay palette and I love them :) x

  7. Aw thanks for the mention! Well done on those GCSE results, fab!! So sad to see the pics of Japan, i agree! :( x

  8. Loving these personal little updates :)
    I really want the naked palette but everytime I go to get it it's sold out!! x


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