Sunday, March 6

Sunday Summary (5)

It's sunday again, how fast has this week gone by? It feels like I only did one of these a few days ago.. lots of things to write about though, but will keep it to a reasonable amount (:

my want for a Pentax SLR is overpowering.. I need one.
  • I gave in all my Art GCSE coursework on Thursday and it was really scary looking at how little I had achieved in 2 years to be honest! I also received my interview date for the college I'm hoping to go to, 2:45pm on the 17th of March, but there's a dilemma as it's the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art meaning it's required that I bring all my art coursework. Uh oh!
  • Since watching the stars of The Only Way Is Essex on Alan Carr's Chatty Man last week I have been searching everywhere for places I can watch it online, but can't find them anywhere. If you have a link to where I don't have to download it, drop it below and I will love you forever hehe.
  • Finally I ordered a Urban Decay Naked Palette, and it was at a great price. I got it from Debenhams for £25.92 (including discount) which is a great price. I can't wait to do a few looks with it, but it definitely won't stop me filling my MAC palette!
  • I went to a woodland near where I live with my dad yesterday. We took our 3 dogs out for a walk and ended up walking around 2 miles, at least it felt like it! It was really nice because it wasn't too cold and it wasn't hot either, perfect conditions for walking. When we got home I was so tired that I collapsed on my bed and surfed the internet for the rest of the day..
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  1. I'm glad you got the Naked palette. I think everyone should have one, it's gorgeous! x


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