Tuesday, March 22

New Years Resolutions: Have I kept mine?

So back in January I picked 5 New Years Resolutions, and thought I'd show you all my *lack of* progress. This may help replant them in my mind and make me stick to them! 

Pass all my GCSES, focus on exams
I haven't had my exams yet, but I've got A*s in both of my coursework pieces I've handed in (both Child Dev and Geog). Wahaay! I'm starting revision next week, which is scary as I've still got so much Art, ICT and Textiles coursework to do!

Only buy clothes from Topshop, Hollister etc that fit my figure
I've not purchased much since January, which is kinda sad, but what I have purchased has been from one of these clothe shops. I've tried to buy things a size smaller too, as I always buy clothes that are too baggy!

Be confident, and meet up with the girls more

I haven't met up with the girls much yet, but I have stopped thinking about what people think of me. If they think I'm fat, ugly, embarrassing they can shove it. It doesn't matter to me as much anymore, I'm not too bothered about being super popular.. it only leads to being insecure!

Tone up and lose a few pounds- eat healthier
I've started eating healthier! Minus the ice cream I had as my lunch yesterday! I've not been tracking my weight but I have been paying more attention to the kcal on food and trying to choose meals that have vegetables ;) Because we have all been busy I've been having takeaway an awful lot, but that's got to stop!!

Don't buy gossip/celeb magazines
I knew I wouldn't be able to keep this one, it's just too hard. Especially when Glamour insists on giving away Clinique products.. bad Glamour!

Are you keeping your resolutions? Which one have you failed on? (mines the mags!)


  1. I'm doing a project called The Day Zero Project. You complete 101 goals in 1001 day, I've been doing it about 4 months and have completed over a third of my goals!

    It's a lot of fun because you can be more specific with goals, and have some fun ones since you have to come up with 101! I'm blogging my progress too.

    Good luck with yours! :)

  2. Well done on getting A*'s on coursework. So far i've only achieved one of my NYR's which was to give blood. I guess it's the most important one on my list though so i'm glad i've done one out of my.. 12, lmao! x

  3. mine was to stop biting my nails and I certainly didnt do that haha!
    lovely blog, I just followed! :) xxx

    maybe you could do the same back?


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