Thursday, March 10

Ins & Outs (Early March)

♥ Things I'm Loving
is it only me that finds Reggie Yates very very attractive? (see 2.)
  1. I'm currently reading Trinny & Susannah's The Body Shape Bible, it's kinda interesting even though I can't determined my shape. A short kid with a big bum, big belly, fat legs, average boobs and fat shoulders isn't a body shape lol.
  2. How good is Famous, Rich & In The Slums? It's really interesting, but can be quite sad.. however that's exactly what it's like for people in Africa, it's a real insight into their lives. If you wanna watch it; it's on Thursday (tonight) at 9pm on BBC1! 
  3. I've been in a real shopping mood recently, probably because I'm so stressed! Retail therapy always helps. I'm expecting my MAC blush in Style to arrive soon. To cut a long story short, I paid for the blush when I went to London but the silly MUA didn't put it in my bag. They've only just got round to sending me one!

♥ Things I'm Not So Fond Of
I want this kinda food at school (see 3.)
  1. It's been way too cold for me this month so far, we had a good day on Sunday but the rest of the week has been utter trash. I'm snuggled up in my bed with my electric blanket on right now, I feel like a 90 year old! (and for those who read my twitter, I'm also wearing my Asda all body suit. too cool for words)
  2. The best part of my day right now is cleaning my room. I'm officially the saddest person on record. Just picture this for a second; a teenager in an all body suit from Asda cleaning her room with a cheesy grin. Yeah, not a good image is it?
  3. School dinners. Don't get me wrong, love 'em at times.. but when you are as fussy as me and your list of edible meals include only jacket potato and chicken, it can get a bit boring. My school are dead weird, I mean who has rabbit stew at school? It's gross. :(
My blog is getting very personal lately isn't it? I'll be sure to do some reviews, OOTDs and hauls soon.. can't wait to do some looks with my beautiful UDNP when it arrives. 

What's making you happy? 


  1. Rich, Famous & In The Slums is so good, we were watching it in geography! and I think Reggie's pretty nice too :P

  2. Omg were you? So were we!! My homework is to watch it tonight and write a paragraph about their conditions etc. Coincidence! :P

  3. im watching rich famous and in the slums now :P haha reggie is rather nice! xxx

  4. Aww poor you, homework! We never got homework on it (yet!) x

  5. no your not the only one! i think reggie is a right cutey boy! haha :D x x

  6. Famous, Rich & In The Slums has really made me think. Such a good programme :)


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