Wednesday, March 9

The Big Clean

I've decided to give my entire room a spring clean, big style. But you won't believe what I found when I was cleaning out my room? Can't guess? Loads of different bags, dozen, zillions, lots. I have a small gap between my wall and my wardrobe so have got into the habit of putting bags in there. I don't know why but I can't bare to throw things away.

Here are the best of the bags however I do have Newlook, Accessorize, HMV and Boots bags too.. I guess I've kept the Superdry, Nubar, Hollister, UGG and Gilly Hicks bags because they are posher brands which I can't afford everyday, it's nice to take things into school in really pretty bags..

I'm still decided whether to get rid of them all. I may keep the cardboard ones just because they are really cute, and the Gilly Hicks bags are SO comfy to hold, haha. I also keep packaging, especially MAC and Benefit.. again, don't know why!

Do you collect bags? or do you collect packaging? 


  1. i have a collection of nice bags too in the gap by my wardrobe haha xx

  2. I;m a bit like Monica from friends when it comes to tidying so I don't keep anything thats not needed. I was a bit gutted when I threw away my GHD box this morning though as it was pretty :-(


  3. I always keep nicer looking bags! x

  4. I've kept the packaging of my MAC and benefit eye stuff! And I larrrrrrrrrrve gilly hicks and their bags!! I did a blog post on gilly hicks and spent most of the post talking about the bag :') xx

  5. I do the same! some bags are too pretty to throw away.

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