Saturday, March 5

♥ 120 Things That Make Me Happy (3)

If you haven't already seen either of my 120 Things posts, it's basically a series I post once a month where I show you 10 things I love. By next year I will have 120 Things That Make Me Happy! 

♥ Drawing on my hands
my favourites are hearts, flowers and lyrics.

♥ Warm Scarves
these are a necessity when you live in Cornwall.

♥ Pets as best friends
this isn't my dog, mine is snoring beside me (that wouldn't make the best photo).

♥ Motivational phrases
they just make you smile, like little "keep calm and carry on" signs.

♥ Tattoos
I wouldn't get one but I love the look of them, some can be so cute.

♥ Things that are out of the ordinary
sudden change in weather, happy emails, weird shaped trees.

♥ Babies with moustaches
well I do like them, but I only wanted to show you all this hilarious photo really..

♥ LUSH Cosmetics
ooh the smells, the prettiness, the empty purse when you leave the shop :(

♥ Nail Art
animals especially, I just wish I was good at it!

♥ Cheesecakes
food in general really, I'm a humungous pig..

Are you happy right now? Why? 


  1. Panda nails, just like mine. How coolio ^^
    I adore that picture of the baby and the moustache. Awhh,cute much? :3
    I love these posts, I may consider doing something similar. It's such a wonderful idea. (: Luurvee it <3

  2. wow where is that cheesecake from?? i have to get some of that!! xx


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