Sunday, February 27

Sunday Summary (4)

I have absolutely loved this week, it's been so peaceful. Even though I have done a little coursework, the majority of the week has been taken up by lie ins and snacks. Not good when you have prom in a few months, must-stop-eating..

  • I got a new prescription for my migraines this week, a much more powerful nasal spray. It's really helped me which is great because I now don't feel worn out and stuffy all the time. I hope these continue to work because they have made a really big difference this week.
  • My order from Annie's candles and melts came this week and I couldn't recommend her wax melts enough. I've done a review on them here, so make sure you read it if you are looking for some amazing melts! I picked them up after seeing Nicoletta recommending them on her blog, and am so glad I placed my order. My room now smells like pink sugar cookies constantly which is great for cheering me up when I'm doing coursework. 
  • I had my nails done on Friday which was lovely as my acrylics were overdue for infills by at least 4 weeks (uh-oh). It's great because my mum is a beautician so it's not at all awkward and I don't have to pay! I had my acrylics soaked off and got a Shellac french manicure instead, I love that they are so light and feminine on my tiny hands rather than acrylics. I'm dying to try gel nails but Shellac won this time!
  • I am currently in love with watching Youtube videos, with my favourites being CosmeticsCharlotte72, SWalker, Juicystar07, FleurDeForce & ViviannaDoesMakeup. It's kinda nice to listen instead of read for a change! I am really thinking about starting youtube videos, just every now and then to add something different to my blog. It's just the hate that is stopping me. 
A few to follow: Belle, Hannah & Nicola

What I've been listening to: Price Tag- Jessie J & We R Who We R- Kesha


  1. You should try meganheartsmakeup on youtube :) x

  2. I have been debating whether to start youtube as well, but it's kind of nerve wracking! x

  3. I'd love to try Shellac - i've never actually worn false nails so Shallac seems like a nice alternative :) x

  4. Glad to know that your new migraine medicine works for you.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. I am! I asked her to bring back some tan lotion the other day and she said 'aren't you lucky I'm a beauty therapist' haha x

  6. You're so lucky your mom is a beautician! I'd love to try Shellac one day! xx


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