Sunday, February 20

Sunday Summary (3)

(I've had a serious clean up..)

1) I've been bogged down with coursework, which will take up my entire half term. I've just totally lost my motivation at the moment and it's really effecting me. I have had to cut down on the one thing I love, blogging, as I just don't have the time. I've also found myself crying, swearing or even screaming when the printer won't work or I can't get to sleep. I know, I'm absolutely worn out right now! Don't worry though as I have enjoyed two amazing lie-ins so far this week which has made me feel much happier. 

2) I think I've finally found my perfect skin care routine after years of dry skin and patchy foundation! I will be writing about this soon though so I won't tell you too much.. Let's just say The Body Shop is officially my best friend in the whole world. The love I share for that shop is like the love I share for chocolate, or my nice warm bed..

3) I've been eating those little Tesco's fruit packets all week, you know the ones, little chunks of cut up fruit with an adorable plastic fork that a borrower would be pleased to own? They are just so scrummy and really easy. I've started to get a little health conscious.. buying the likes of strawberry flavoured water (other wise known as rip off!) and orange juice to feed my thirst for a tasty drink. 

4) I'm loving Topshop's tops at the moment! I took a trip in there yesterday and found myself walking past the same top multiple times deciding whether or not to buy it. I ended up getting a basic vest top though, in a size 8! I'm usually a size 10, what's going on there?!

A few to follow: Lisa (as always, her blog's amazing!), Sadie and Nicola

What I've been listening to: Coming Home - Diddy and Good Girl Gone Bad - Rihanna (ancient but I love it)


  1. My half term is being taken up with coursework too :( I was supposed to finish an essay yesterday but didn't have the motivation so doing it today. That means today's work has to be postponed!
    By the way, I love the font of the title in your blog header!

  2. Looking forward to your skincare routine post, i get dry patches on and off and they're such a pain. Makes it look like i can't apply my makeup properly!

    Jo xoxo

  3. @Louise: Thanks, I can't remember what it's called but it was from dafont. I'm still on my GCSEs but they are such a pain, I've officially thrown my social life out of a window! x

    @Jo: Hopefully it will really help you, I felt the exact same! Now I can wear foundation knowing I won't look terrible. I will be putting it up tomorrow probably, just need to take a few photos and things x

  4. Oh wow thank you for recommending me Sophie!Your always so lovely and comment a lot and everything! Much love and thank you xx


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