Wednesday, February 23

Style Lovin': Olivia Palermo (The City)

Olivia Palermo, known for her role in TV show 'The City' is a real fashion inspiration to many girls worldwide. Unlike many celebrities (cough Katie Price cough) Olivia keeps herself to herself, with no big stories hitting the UK press. Yet I have seen her numerous times in style magazines. I've picked some photos that show her style for you all.. 

beautiful patterned dress with a simple clutch, love it.

 she's probably the only girl that can get away with a middle parting, and it suits her!

I love the lace trimming on the third dress :)

What do you think? Hot or not? 

I would definitely say hot, but can you see a pattern in all the style role models? They are all skinny! You don't have to be skinny to be beautiful, or incredibly fashionable.. I must say that Olivia has amazing sense in shoes though, I wonder how much they all cost! 


  1. She has a lovely style, I've never really thought of her to be a fashion icon before.


  2. Her style is just so flawless!
    New follower :) x

  3. Oh i want her wardrobe! She hardly ever gets it wrong!

    jo xoxo

  4. i just came across your blog, and i think it's lovely! i agree, olivia has great style. sometimes it's a little too put together for me, but it's inspirational nonetheless. and she wears a lot of topshop, so it's definitely not always expensive designer with her!


  5. I really do love her style. But it's hard to REALLY love her as she's so skinny and I think she would look abit better with a tiny bit more meat on her.

    That said she does always look amazing and you are so right about the centre parting - she can totally get away with it.

    Fee x

    PS. I'm sure the shoes that she buys range from something like £600 to £2,000 most likely!! ha

  6. She has a very good sense of style and a pretty face.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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