Tuesday, February 22

EOTD/OOTD- Little Bit'a Plaid

Today I went into school to catch up on Child Development coursework, and decided to get a little dressed up. Not too dressed up, but a little boho.. with the masses of friendship bracelets, the messy hair, and plaid Hollister top (little boho?)

(Saggy eyelids, bushy eyebrows! lol)

MAC Coppering
MAC Paradisco
MAC All That Glitters
MAC Sable
No7 Smokey Jewels Pencil Set (Purple/Brown)
Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara

Do you own any of these eyeshadows? Fan of the boho/shabby style? Please comment below!


  1. I am definitely a fan! I love that regardless of how much effort you put into it it will still look the same as if you don't even think about it... definitely one for lazy outfit wearers like me! I love your nails xx

  2. Thankyou for commenting Emma. Aww thanks, I was really bored last weekend and decided to paint them.. still no chips, amazed! A few friends have the same look, and I can never pull off the 'just chucked a few things on, I have natural beauty' look! I think I somewhat achieved it here, had to get some evidence! xx

  3. I like boho/shabby style on other people, doesn't really work for me. Sad, I know.

    ***** Marie *****


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