Tuesday, February 15

Busy Bee! (Prolonged Hiatus)

Just a quick note to say I won't be posting for a little while. Maybe a few weeks, maybe a few months. It's a really important time in my life right now with GCSEs rearing their ugly heads! 

I'm gonna try and update my blog once every two weeks, which will mean I will change my Sunday Summary to a Monthly Summary. It will make it a lot more interesting for you and much less hassle for me :)

I also won't be finishing my London haul series, as it's just too hectic at the moment. I'm really sorry if you were looking forward to it! 

But don't worry, here's what I will be trying to post in the next month..

- A Body Shop haul/mini review
- My nail varnish collection video

Can't wait to post these.. really excited :) 

I hope you all understand, and maybe it will make the posts I do publish very special. 


  1. Totally understand, exams are awful!

    Looking forward to the body shop haul xx

  2. don't worry about it :)
    can't wait for the nail collection vid!! x


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