Saturday, February 12

au naturel (OOTD)

For a quick trip to Tesco today I did the unthinkable! I went completely bare, well almost.. 

By bare, I mean I didn't wear any foundation. None. Zilch. The Big 0. 

I did wear my MAC MSFN but that was just to de-oil the appearance of my nuisance skin!

*insert embarrassing wrinkle face*
 that's what you get when you only take 3 photos and two are blurry (and decide putting your hair in a bun looks good, which it doesn't).. 

It's all this revision, it's stopped me caring. :'(

What I wore on my face:
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (Light)
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
Benefit Bad Gal Eyeliner

What I wore on my body:
Necklace: Next
Top: Newlook
Jumper: Newlook
Tights: Tesco 
Boots: M&S

(And by any chance if Vivianna is reading this.. I've never gone to Tesco, or Co-op in your case, without foundation before! Such an achievement. Now it's your turn to go bare! lol)


  1. You still look lovely with the "au naturel" look :)

    I have braved the supermarket before with very little make up - I think mascara is something I couldn't go out not wearing!

    Ps. I like your boots!


  2. You look so pretty :) I love your outfit! xxx


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