Monday, February 28

Annie's Candles & Melts

I thought I'd share with you the amazing package that arrived yesterday from Annie's Candles & Melts. Annie is so lovely and I was amazed to find out all of her candles and wax melts are homemade by Annie herself. She also gave me 9 free samples to try out with my order which I think is really nice (talk about great customer service).

A few days ago I brought myself an oil/wax burner for £5.99 from Scented Candle Shop especially for Annie's wax melts, so if you are thinking of getting one I'd recommend this site as it was delivered the next day for the price of standard delivery (bonus!).

Pink Sugar Cookies Scent
(£2.20 for 9 per bag)
I have been burning the same wax tart for 4-5 hours per day for 3 days. That's 15 hours and it's still not melted it all, wow. They scent is still there too. These mini houses are very sweet but not too sweet, a very feminine scent that fills the whole house with the smell of freshly cooked cookies with sugar icing. The bad thing? It makes me feel kinda hungry! I blame this for my healthy-out-the-window mood..

Hollister So Cal Man Scent
(£3.65 for 15 per bag)
I haven't tried this scent yet however just from smelling it in the bag I can tell it is a very manly scent, but not too manly to be found at a bachelor pad. I really like the scent of these hearts, and am definitely gonna enjoy using the whole bag. I am ashamed to say I have sniffed this bag a few times throughout the week!

Fairy Cakes Scent
(£3.95 for 25 per bag)
This was the original reason for my order at Annie's Candles & Melts. If you hear the words Fairy Cakes as a scent you would obvious be dribbling at the mouth, maybe not literally.. but you know what I mean! These are thin little butterflies which is why you get 25 of them so they are perfect for small oil burners. This scent is probably my favourite out of the three, it's so sweet yet grown up.

Here are a load samples I was given, how nice is Annie?
I think I'm falling in love with this company :)

Strawberry Shortcake
Nom Nom Nom. I need these in my life! They smell exactly like strawberry shortcakes, I am going to purchase a bag of these when I make my next order. I have enough to last me for a few months at the least so it would be any time soon!

Green Tea
I'm not too keen on this scent as it smells quite herbal, maybe more suited for an older lady or man?

Annie has a few scents that are from LUSH and as I'm a massive fan these made me extremely happy.

Snow Fairy
Ahhhhh! I love this, it smells exactly like Snow Fairy. Now I can feed my addiction when my Snow Fairy stash runs out. *evil laugh*

Honey I Washed The Kids
What can I say about a scent I don't really like from LUSH? Well I have to give it a fair review.. It does smell quite similar to the soap and the shower gel, and I bet this would be a great melt for those who like honey. I really don't though, I feel like I'm missing out! :(

Love Spell
I'd never seen this scent before, and it's my least favourite out of the bunch. A bit too sickly for me, very fragrant. I love the glitter though!

Mango & Papaya
I really like this scent and the design is so adorable, a pack of these would be perfect to display in a little bowl. As for the smell it's really subtle, maybe another to add to my list. I can imagine this being my signature scent, very sweet but with a kick.. 

Johnson's Bedtime Bath
Have you ever smelt LUSH's Dreamtime Bath Melt? because it smells really similar in my opinion. It's a really subtle lavender smell which will definitely set me to sleep.. though that could be very dangerous lol! I think this would be perfect for when you are in the bath having a relaxing soak. I'm going to buy a few of these for May when my GCSE exams start!

Butterfly Meadows
I didn't know what to expect from this scent, but it kinda smells like fruity/floral shampoo. It's very fresh and definitely reminds me of a meadow. The butterfly is super cute too :)

Twilight Edward
 I would be sold just by the name of this, phwoar Edward's a bit of a dreamboat isn't he? To me this smells like men's cologne and fields, bit of a weird mix but it works so well. It smells quite citrusy however that might just be me! 

I will definitely be buying from Annie again, she is so lovely and we had an email conversation about her products which was really lovely and personalised the 'service'. She's such a nice lady! If I was to tell you one scent you must buy it would be Pink Sugar Cookies, or maybe Johnson's Bedtime Bath and Snow Fairy. Her products are also very cheap compared to other companies that sell wax tarts. It's just so nice to know your buying from a lady that makes it all herself!

Because of the lovely shapes these are great for putting on display (though she does sell plain wax tarts if that's not your kinda thing). I'm not sure whether this would effect the scents though, so if you are interested in using them for display purposes I would email Annie and ask!

You can visit Annie's Candles & Tarts here, and if you do buy any let me know. 

Have you already brought from Annie or saving up? 
If you have any questions please ask in a comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

This post was not sponsored by the company mentioned. I paid everything myself, and this post is just my way of thanking her for the amazing wax tarts I brought. 


  1. these look amazing! thanks for the review!


  2. Thanks for the really detailed review! These sound amazing and i'm so tempted to get a few! x

  3. These look cute and fun.

    Never heard of this company but thanks to you, I'll be checking it out after this.:D

    Have a great week!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. These look and sound lovely (and long-lasting!). Going for a browse

  5. These look gorgeous! And you write so well! Just started following :) xx

  6. This is off topic but I've just discovered your blog and it's wonderful - following now :)

  7. ooh they do sound lovely, particularly the pink sugar cookie! x

  8. I dont think she is open anymore :(


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