Wednesday, February 2

♥ 120 Things That Make Me Happy (2)

This is my second post in this series, and you can see the first post here if you missed it! 

♥ Daisy by Marc Jacobs
the smell of apples nom nom nom.

♥ Zebra Crossings
yes I'm weird, it's just the rush and satisfaction you get.

♥ Plaits
beautiful, simple, effective- nuf said.

♥ Little words of encouragement
you are beautiful in every single way.. 

 Relaxing Baths
a magazine, some good music and a lovely warm bath.

♥ Starbucks
tall hot chocolate with whipped cream= heaven on earth.

♥ Lunchtime
the sudden rush you get when you think it's break, but it turns out to be lunch.

 Jack Wills
many hate the brand but I love it. just wish it was affordable?

ooh with some fresh cream and strawberry jam. you can tell I'm cornish!

 Seeing Movies At The Cinema
^500 days of summer? I love seeing a movie with a best friend, but I have to have chewing gum!

Name one thing that makes you instantly happy! 

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  1. I may have to try out that perfume it looks so cute! x


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