Monday, February 28

Annie's Candles & Melts

I thought I'd share with you the amazing package that arrived yesterday from Annie's Candles & Melts. Annie is so lovely and I was amazed to find out all of her candles and wax melts are homemade by Annie herself. She also gave me 9 free samples to try out with my order which I think is really nice (talk about great customer service).

A few days ago I brought myself an oil/wax burner for £5.99 from Scented Candle Shop especially for Annie's wax melts, so if you are thinking of getting one I'd recommend this site as it was delivered the next day for the price of standard delivery (bonus!).

Pink Sugar Cookies Scent
(£2.20 for 9 per bag)
I have been burning the same wax tart for 4-5 hours per day for 3 days. That's 15 hours and it's still not melted it all, wow. They scent is still there too. These mini houses are very sweet but not too sweet, a very feminine scent that fills the whole house with the smell of freshly cooked cookies with sugar icing. The bad thing? It makes me feel kinda hungry! I blame this for my healthy-out-the-window mood..

Hollister So Cal Man Scent
(£3.65 for 15 per bag)
I haven't tried this scent yet however just from smelling it in the bag I can tell it is a very manly scent, but not too manly to be found at a bachelor pad. I really like the scent of these hearts, and am definitely gonna enjoy using the whole bag. I am ashamed to say I have sniffed this bag a few times throughout the week!

Fairy Cakes Scent
(£3.95 for 25 per bag)
This was the original reason for my order at Annie's Candles & Melts. If you hear the words Fairy Cakes as a scent you would obvious be dribbling at the mouth, maybe not literally.. but you know what I mean! These are thin little butterflies which is why you get 25 of them so they are perfect for small oil burners. This scent is probably my favourite out of the three, it's so sweet yet grown up.

Here are a load samples I was given, how nice is Annie?
I think I'm falling in love with this company :)

Strawberry Shortcake
Nom Nom Nom. I need these in my life! They smell exactly like strawberry shortcakes, I am going to purchase a bag of these when I make my next order. I have enough to last me for a few months at the least so it would be any time soon!

Green Tea
I'm not too keen on this scent as it smells quite herbal, maybe more suited for an older lady or man?

Annie has a few scents that are from LUSH and as I'm a massive fan these made me extremely happy.

Snow Fairy
Ahhhhh! I love this, it smells exactly like Snow Fairy. Now I can feed my addiction when my Snow Fairy stash runs out. *evil laugh*

Honey I Washed The Kids
What can I say about a scent I don't really like from LUSH? Well I have to give it a fair review.. It does smell quite similar to the soap and the shower gel, and I bet this would be a great melt for those who like honey. I really don't though, I feel like I'm missing out! :(

Love Spell
I'd never seen this scent before, and it's my least favourite out of the bunch. A bit too sickly for me, very fragrant. I love the glitter though!

Mango & Papaya
I really like this scent and the design is so adorable, a pack of these would be perfect to display in a little bowl. As for the smell it's really subtle, maybe another to add to my list. I can imagine this being my signature scent, very sweet but with a kick.. 

Johnson's Bedtime Bath
Have you ever smelt LUSH's Dreamtime Bath Melt? because it smells really similar in my opinion. It's a really subtle lavender smell which will definitely set me to sleep.. though that could be very dangerous lol! I think this would be perfect for when you are in the bath having a relaxing soak. I'm going to buy a few of these for May when my GCSE exams start!

Butterfly Meadows
I didn't know what to expect from this scent, but it kinda smells like fruity/floral shampoo. It's very fresh and definitely reminds me of a meadow. The butterfly is super cute too :)

Twilight Edward
 I would be sold just by the name of this, phwoar Edward's a bit of a dreamboat isn't he? To me this smells like men's cologne and fields, bit of a weird mix but it works so well. It smells quite citrusy however that might just be me! 

I will definitely be buying from Annie again, she is so lovely and we had an email conversation about her products which was really lovely and personalised the 'service'. She's such a nice lady! If I was to tell you one scent you must buy it would be Pink Sugar Cookies, or maybe Johnson's Bedtime Bath and Snow Fairy. Her products are also very cheap compared to other companies that sell wax tarts. It's just so nice to know your buying from a lady that makes it all herself!

Because of the lovely shapes these are great for putting on display (though she does sell plain wax tarts if that's not your kinda thing). I'm not sure whether this would effect the scents though, so if you are interested in using them for display purposes I would email Annie and ask!

You can visit Annie's Candles & Tarts here, and if you do buy any let me know. 

Have you already brought from Annie or saving up? 
If you have any questions please ask in a comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

This post was not sponsored by the company mentioned. I paid everything myself, and this post is just my way of thanking her for the amazing wax tarts I brought. 

Sunday, February 27

Sunday Summary (4)

I have absolutely loved this week, it's been so peaceful. Even though I have done a little coursework, the majority of the week has been taken up by lie ins and snacks. Not good when you have prom in a few months, must-stop-eating..

  • I got a new prescription for my migraines this week, a much more powerful nasal spray. It's really helped me which is great because I now don't feel worn out and stuffy all the time. I hope these continue to work because they have made a really big difference this week.
  • My order from Annie's candles and melts came this week and I couldn't recommend her wax melts enough. I've done a review on them here, so make sure you read it if you are looking for some amazing melts! I picked them up after seeing Nicoletta recommending them on her blog, and am so glad I placed my order. My room now smells like pink sugar cookies constantly which is great for cheering me up when I'm doing coursework. 
  • I had my nails done on Friday which was lovely as my acrylics were overdue for infills by at least 4 weeks (uh-oh). It's great because my mum is a beautician so it's not at all awkward and I don't have to pay! I had my acrylics soaked off and got a Shellac french manicure instead, I love that they are so light and feminine on my tiny hands rather than acrylics. I'm dying to try gel nails but Shellac won this time!
  • I am currently in love with watching Youtube videos, with my favourites being CosmeticsCharlotte72, SWalker, Juicystar07, FleurDeForce & ViviannaDoesMakeup. It's kinda nice to listen instead of read for a change! I am really thinking about starting youtube videos, just every now and then to add something different to my blog. It's just the hate that is stopping me. 
A few to follow: Belle, Hannah & Nicola

What I've been listening to: Price Tag- Jessie J & We R Who We R- Kesha

Saturday, February 26

Alone in Boots (and Debenhams)..

A small haul for you today! I shouldn't be allowed into Boots (and Debenhams) on my own, I always end up buying makeup.. which is bad when you don't have a job yet!

Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder (in 51)

I'm so pale I need a little bit of warmth, but my Elf bronzer is too sparkly and is making me look a little Edward Cullen. Not good. Boots only had numbers 51 and 52, I'm not sure if there are any other colours so I got 51 as it was the lightest out of the two. It's a lovely colour and definitely suits my skin tone. I would say it was worth it's £6.99 price tag!

17 Mirror Shine Lipstick (in Belle)

If you've been reading my blog for some time you would know I already have one of these lipsticks in the shade Beehive, and I love it so much I had to buy another from the range. As Beehive is known as the 'my lips but better' shade from my collection, I thought I would get a more pink shade. Belle is such a beautiful shade and I absolutely love the feel of these lipsticks. For £4.59 I'd definitely recommend that you try them out :)

& with the No7 voucher I picked up from this..

No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser

I haven't tried this yet but after hearing so many good things about it across the blogging community I had to pick it up. It's a huge bottle with 200ml of product, can't wait to use this tonight. I will probably review the it soon if you'd like.

Debenhams: Benefit That Gal Face Primer

This is probably my favourite product by Benefit, it's so easy to wear either on it's own or under foundation. I got this back in September maybe and it ran out at the start of January. I'd not had a chance to pick it up since so whipped into Debenhams to restock! I really love this primer, it makes my skin feel so smooth and polished looking.

& here's a tiny swatch of Belle for you, it's a lovely pink with a tiny hint of red. This may be my new favourite lipstick, it's such a nice formula!

Thank you for reading, have you tried any of these before?

Thursday, February 24

A big fat love heart! EOTD

*trying to smile :/*


A few shocking photographs never hurt anyone right? hehe!

I decided to splash out the colour today and do a purple look.. even though I'm not going anywhere special. I started out with my No7 Purple Eye Kohl, that's not it's real name.. but it doesn't really have one! I got it in a little gift set of some smokey eye colour pencils for xmas. 

I then smudged it out a bit to create a base and whipped out my Sleek Storm Palette. I used the dark purple colour and the pink colour next to it (both top right). I used my MAC 217, No7 E/S Blending Brush (buy with your £5 off voucher!) and my Elf C Brush. I didn't use a highlight as it wasn't really needed!

Then I applied 3 layers of Maxfactor False Lash Effect mascara, and abracadabra you have yourself a purple eye!

(Top Gilly Hicks, Cardigan New Look)

Do you own the Sleek Storm Palette? 
Love it as much as I do?

You may have also noticed I've totally changed my blog header, colour schemes and moved a few gadgets around. Please let me know what you think? Is it easier to navigate and read? Thanks!

Wednesday, February 23

Style Lovin': Olivia Palermo (The City)

Olivia Palermo, known for her role in TV show 'The City' is a real fashion inspiration to many girls worldwide. Unlike many celebrities (cough Katie Price cough) Olivia keeps herself to herself, with no big stories hitting the UK press. Yet I have seen her numerous times in style magazines. I've picked some photos that show her style for you all.. 

beautiful patterned dress with a simple clutch, love it.

 she's probably the only girl that can get away with a middle parting, and it suits her!

I love the lace trimming on the third dress :)

What do you think? Hot or not? 

I would definitely say hot, but can you see a pattern in all the style role models? They are all skinny! You don't have to be skinny to be beautiful, or incredibly fashionable.. I must say that Olivia has amazing sense in shoes though, I wonder how much they all cost! 

Nivea: The Eye Makeup Challenge

Can Nivea live up to the challenge of removing mascara, liner and shadow?

It's On!

The Challenge:
I've applied different eye products to my hand and after letting them dry for 20 minutes I am going to see whether or not Nivea Visage Extra Gentle Eye Make-up Remover can remove every last trace. I'm going to soak a cotton pad with the remover and gently swipe over my hand with the remover. Will it work?

The Products:
Here's a diagram of what I applied..

The Results:

Sleek's Eyeshadow:
 It took 9 swipes to remove, and only then had it just smudged. I seemed to stain my hand and didn't remove easily. 3/10

MAC Eyeshadow:
 This removed really easily in 2 swipes and left no staining. I didn't even have to rub to remove this! 10/10

No7 Eye Pencil:
 It took a lot of scrubbing to remove this eyeliner, and that involved tugging hard at my skin! It had still stained my skin after and I felt my skin was sore and red. 1/10

Benefit's Bad Gal Eyeliner:
 This was weird.. It felt like the top layer was removed easily but I had to do a bit of rubbing to get the rest off. It did take a lot of scrubbing and there was a clear stain. It wasn't half as bad as the No7 pencil though. 4/10

L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara:
 I removed this simply and easily, in fact it removed straight away with no pressure at all. 10/10

No7 Mascara:
 I had to rub at this mascara a bit, a little too much for the eye area. It hadn't completely vanished either. 3/10

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara:
 This didn't fare too well. I had to literally crumble it away with the remover, and the area was very sore afterwards. However this mascara was waterproof! 0/10

On The Eye:

I also tried it on my actual eye makeup which was looking very worn-in after wearing it all day. I wasn't very pleased with the results, as my mascara had just been caused to flake and the eyeliner was hardly removed. They eyeshadow did remove quite easily though (MAC).



Do you know of any good eye makeup removers that can remove even the most waterproof mascara?

Tuesday, February 22

EOTD/OOTD- Little Bit'a Plaid

Today I went into school to catch up on Child Development coursework, and decided to get a little dressed up. Not too dressed up, but a little boho.. with the masses of friendship bracelets, the messy hair, and plaid Hollister top (little boho?)

(Saggy eyelids, bushy eyebrows! lol)

MAC Coppering
MAC Paradisco
MAC All That Glitters
MAC Sable
No7 Smokey Jewels Pencil Set (Purple/Brown)
Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara

Do you own any of these eyeshadows? Fan of the boho/shabby style? Please comment below!

Monday, February 21

♥ My Skincare Routine

I have finally found a skincare routine that works for me, and I'm so happy! It's made me feel more comfortable in my own skin and I've not even been wearing foundation that much recently, just my MAC msfn. I never go without my foundation so that's saying something..

So let me tell you about my previous routine..
When I was around 12 my mum told me about looking after my skin. The whole cleanse, tone, moisturise was explained to me and I was told she would buy me some of my very own products. We trotted off to the No7 section in Boots and I picked up their skincare routine. 

It probably was good, but I was bored of it. It wasn't cool to me and I wanted something different. When I reached 13 I went to Clinique and got myself their skincare system and used it for a good 2 years. I found myself having a lot of breakouts, really dry skin and very large pores. It wasn't too great really! I became so ashamed I would cake on the foundation everyday even if it looked worse than my normal skin, just to show people I was trying to cover it up. I never realised it was the system I was using, I just thought it was my teenage skin! In fact I recommended it to quite a few people *ashamed face*

My new and improved routine..
Only a month or two ago I changed my system completely after months of swapping and switching between new products. I tried a lot of products that just weren't helping me at all. Then I found my HG moisturiser, Dear John by Benefit, but it wasn't half pricey. I still use it now but when I finish it all up I will be buying a cheaper one! 

Just last month I went to The Body Shop and purchased the Vitamin E Moisture Serum for £10. I had seen a review randomly online so decided to try it out. My review? It's the best product I have ever used. Ever. I'd recommend it to everybody and anybody, it's cleared up my dry skin completely! 

I then found my next HG product, but this time an exfoliator. I went to MAC and was told my exfoliator wasn't working at all and I should get a new one, so my mum took me to my favourite company, Benefit. I got their Honey Snap Out Of It facial exfoliator for £19.92, which is still quite expensive but totally worth it! It's cleared up all of my dry skin and it smells divine.. exactly like honey. Clear winner for me!

So what about my cleanser, toner, eye cream, mask and lip balm you ask? 
It's all from the Body Shop, and all from their Vitamin E Moisture range! I love that range, it's probably the best range of products in the world. It's also very easy on the purse, so you can afford to splash out on the whole range. Here's the figures..

Eye Cream £9.50

Now I know this won't work for you all, but for those with dry skin I would really recommend you try some of the products I've mentioned. They have all worked for me, and it's just made me so happy. I can now apply my makeup without worrying about flakey, patchy skin or cakey foundation. It's made me a lot more confident with the way I look and I get so many compliments! As well as the whole 'you did look pretty terrible' from a few friends, lovely!

I can't recommend this system enough, and have absolutely NO bad things to say about it.. simply because I haven't seen/experienced any!

Are you going to try these out?

this post was not sponsored by any brands mentioned (I bloody wish they were!). all opinions are my own. 

Sunday, February 20

Sunday Summary (3)

(I've had a serious clean up..)

1) I've been bogged down with coursework, which will take up my entire half term. I've just totally lost my motivation at the moment and it's really effecting me. I have had to cut down on the one thing I love, blogging, as I just don't have the time. I've also found myself crying, swearing or even screaming when the printer won't work or I can't get to sleep. I know, I'm absolutely worn out right now! Don't worry though as I have enjoyed two amazing lie-ins so far this week which has made me feel much happier. 

2) I think I've finally found my perfect skin care routine after years of dry skin and patchy foundation! I will be writing about this soon though so I won't tell you too much.. Let's just say The Body Shop is officially my best friend in the whole world. The love I share for that shop is like the love I share for chocolate, or my nice warm bed..

3) I've been eating those little Tesco's fruit packets all week, you know the ones, little chunks of cut up fruit with an adorable plastic fork that a borrower would be pleased to own? They are just so scrummy and really easy. I've started to get a little health conscious.. buying the likes of strawberry flavoured water (other wise known as rip off!) and orange juice to feed my thirst for a tasty drink. 

4) I'm loving Topshop's tops at the moment! I took a trip in there yesterday and found myself walking past the same top multiple times deciding whether or not to buy it. I ended up getting a basic vest top though, in a size 8! I'm usually a size 10, what's going on there?!

A few to follow: Lisa (as always, her blog's amazing!), Sadie and Nicola

What I've been listening to: Coming Home - Diddy and Good Girl Gone Bad - Rihanna (ancient but I love it)

Tuesday, February 15

Busy Bee! (Prolonged Hiatus)

Just a quick note to say I won't be posting for a little while. Maybe a few weeks, maybe a few months. It's a really important time in my life right now with GCSEs rearing their ugly heads! 

I'm gonna try and update my blog once every two weeks, which will mean I will change my Sunday Summary to a Monthly Summary. It will make it a lot more interesting for you and much less hassle for me :)

I also won't be finishing my London haul series, as it's just too hectic at the moment. I'm really sorry if you were looking forward to it! 

But don't worry, here's what I will be trying to post in the next month..

- A Body Shop haul/mini review
- My nail varnish collection video

Can't wait to post these.. really excited :) 

I hope you all understand, and maybe it will make the posts I do publish very special. 

Saturday, February 12

au naturel (OOTD)

For a quick trip to Tesco today I did the unthinkable! I went completely bare, well almost.. 

By bare, I mean I didn't wear any foundation. None. Zilch. The Big 0. 

I did wear my MAC MSFN but that was just to de-oil the appearance of my nuisance skin!

*insert embarrassing wrinkle face*
 that's what you get when you only take 3 photos and two are blurry (and decide putting your hair in a bun looks good, which it doesn't).. 

It's all this revision, it's stopped me caring. :'(

What I wore on my face:
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (Light)
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
Benefit Bad Gal Eyeliner

What I wore on my body:
Necklace: Next
Top: Newlook
Jumper: Newlook
Tights: Tesco 
Boots: M&S

(And by any chance if Vivianna is reading this.. I've never gone to Tesco, or Co-op in your case, without foundation before! Such an achievement. Now it's your turn to go bare! lol)