Sunday, January 9

♥ top ten products of twenty-ten

[warning, picture heavy]

This has been a great year for me; I have finally found my love for makeup, I have got a little job with my dad which pays amazingly (but he has to, he's family!) and the best of all.. 

I created this blog, where I can show you all the things I have discovered..
 as though you are on this life journey alongside me! 

Onto the countdown of my top products from 2010. These are the best products I own, they deserve to be named my top ten! And in no particular order..

Benefit's Boing 'Industrial Strength' Concealer
It's a miracle worker, especially on spots (yuck!)

 Bourjois Blush in 'Rose Frisson'
A beautiful pink shade with a smidgen of shimmer

Bourjois Illuminator in Rose Universel
I only got this a few weeks ago, but have used it everyday. It's beautiful!

Benefit's Powder Time Lover
I also only got this recently, but it's great; two blushers and a bronzer. what more could a girl want?

ELF Studio Line Golden Bronzer Compact
This is by far my favourite bronzer, as the colours can be used either on their own or mixed together.

Bubblegum Lip Scrub (Lush)
It tastes like bubblegum, and you can eat it! this is a must-have for all you lipstick lovers out there.

L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
This gives lengthened, black as black eyelashes with just one coat.. ah-may-zing!

No.7  Blend & Contour Eyeshadow Brush
I got this brush in November(?) and have been using it religiously. It's great, and has an even greater price!
Sleek Inkpot in Dominatrix
I love this gel eyeliner! It stays on all day without smudging. I wish mine hadn't dried out though..

Benefit That Gal Primer
(I didn't get a photo of this one, sorry!)
This is probably the best product I have ever used for keeping my skin smooth throughout the day. I have noticed my makeup lasting a lot longer when I use this underneath. It's a must-have!

Thanks as always for reading my posts. You are fab! 


  1. I've always wanted to try the Boing Concealer. Do you ever use it under your eyes? I've always thought it looked too drying?

  2. @That Girl- yeah, and I use it on top of an under eye concealer by No7, as it can be a bit drying. :)

  3. Ohh i love the ELF Bronzer, its amazing!xx

  4. I might go to a counter and get them to apply on me to see how it looks, I keep hearing really great things about it, love the other products you've mentioned by the way :) xx

  5. Hi :) I really wanted to try the sleek ink pot but you said it dried out, does that means it's not creamy/difficult to apply? ty x

  6. @KawaiiFreakxXx- My one was great for the first few months, then it got really dry. No, it's no longer creamy at all. More like chalk? It's very difficult to apply. I'm gonna have to get one. I would really recommend it though! You just need to keep updating it every few months. Shame really, the product itself is brilliant!

  7. Great favourites. Just bought my first bourjois blush recently and love it.
    I also really like the bubble gum lip scrub, it tastes so good.

  8. @sophie,thank you! Maybe you should try blasting it with a hot blowdryer? Sounds crazy but I did that with a dried up elf one i had and it made it creamier! :)

  9. Alot of those are my favourite products :)
    great picks!! x

  10. Great post! Love the reviews you have. I want to try that Bubblegum lip scrub!


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