Sunday, January 30

Sunday Summary (2)

It's the 2nd of my Sunday Summary and I'm really looking forward to writing this.. 

  • I've been bogged down with coursework this week, and it hasn't helped that I've been pretty ill too. I've had a cold, not been able to sleep, and fallen over in the middle of a road leading to bashed up knees and hands. Typical right? It really hurt too, I can't even bend down lol.. 
  • Me and my best friend Anna (aka 'Garfield') went to see Tangled on Friday night. It was extremely hilarious because it was 3D! We were told to put on our 3D glasses, so we did, and the first advert was a football being kicked into the audience.. well Anna had never been to a 3D movie before, and as the ball came towards her she flew backwards and made a weird 'urrrgh!' noise. We could not stop laughing, which led to her having a nose bleed. She had to go to the toilets while I watched the first 10 minutes of the movie on my own. I felt so sorry for her!
  • Since I've been ill I have been loving 'May The Best House Win' on ITV. It's absolutely hilarious because the houses shown are so wacky, and the best houses never ever win. Well in my opinion anyway. If you haven't watched it before, it's a programme where 4 people show people around their homes and then vote each others houses out of ten. It's really good afternoon entertainment :)
  •  This weekend has been pretty hectic as I've been putting items on eBay for my dad, including a Caravan Awning, Trailer, Crane Lift and a beat up old car. So no coursework for me! His brain is very 'old generation' where education is rubbish and I should be concentrating on real life. Though I'm not 100% sure that includes eBay? But at least I haven't had to do any coursework :) YAY!
A few to follow: Naomi, Brittany and Louise 

What I've been listening to: Bruno Mars - Grenade (again) and Nothing - The Script


  1. I love love love both of those songs. I listen to both albums religiously. I'm also seeing The Script in March! Good luck with your coursework, there always seems to be so much of it. :)


  2. I'm loving these sunday summaries sophie :D

    The bit about anna made me laugh so much ;) Sounds like a typical thing she would do. hahaa.

    Gorgeous photos btw :3 ♥

  3. loving these little summaries :)
    gorgeous post!! x


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