Sunday, January 23

Sunday Summary (1)

What's all this about I hear you ask, a Sunday Summary? Well.. I've decided to start a series of posts I will update every Sunday with a few little bullet points to summarise my week. Here's my first one!
  • First of all, I had a look around a local college this week. It's perfect for me as my mum's beauty salon is down the road and it's quite close to my house. I am really stuck on my choices though, as I'm worried my ambition to have a career in Interior Design isn't right for me. As my mum is a nail technician, I've had a lot of help and guidance from my mum when it comes to painting my nails. This is where I have my problem. I have a feeling I want to do a NVQ Level 2 in Beauty. Dilemma! 
  • On Thursday I had to sit a 1 hour exam for Geography (Topic: Sustainable Development) which will count for 25% of my final GCSE grade. I'm really worried about how I did, as on my last exam in Geography I thought I would have done well and ended up with a D. So I have no idea what I will get in this exam. Geography is by far my worst subject. 
  • I'm really loving the Vitamin E Moisture Serum I picked up at The Body Shop for £10 earlier this week. I suffer from dry skin and this has been a saviour, especially with the freezing cold whether here in the UK.
  • I've been watching Come Dine With Me a lot this week. If you put me in front of a cooker I would be able to whip up an amazing meal in seconds. Well, I might. 
  • I went out last night to a hotel for my mum's 'work do' with around 20 people from 3 different salons. I got a little tipsy on 3 bottles of wine, and apparently had 4 party hats on at one point. It was so much fun and the food was delicious (nom nom nom). I wore a black tube skirt, black strapless top with silver gems, and some high heeled boots. It was lovely getting to know everybody and was lovely to let myself go after constant exams. I just wish I had taken a few photos for you all! 

A few to follow: Lisa, Tiffany, Sophie and Olivia


  1. Fingers crossed for your Geography result, i'm sure you'll have done better than you think :)
    I have a serious addiction to Come Dine With Me too! xx

  2. good luck with the geography results :)
    loving this post, feels like I get to know the person behind the blog a little bit!! x

  3. @Caz, thanks sweetie! oh and yes yes yes. It's addictive, I love it xo
    @R May A, aww thanks! that's good to know, I've enjoyed reading other people such as thisiscaz, sofia's journal and lollipop loves. I thought I would recreate it myself :) xo

  4. Goog luck with your studies! Hope it all goes well. Love the blog!


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