Tuesday, January 11

Style Lovin': Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole is probably the most famous girl around these days, and I'm so happy for her. As she's had to deal with a divorce, malaria and all the stick she got from x factor, she is definitely the strongest woman I have ever seen. 

As for her style, she's so well groomed. Never a hair out of place, and her makeup is always flawless. She's always wearing the most fashionable and in trend clothes, and can pull of everything she wears. Except the tracksuits and tight ponytail she used to sport, but that's all in the past..

I can't get over how amazing her hair looks here!

She's so skinny in this photo.. but I love her hair, makeup and outfit!

A bit suggestive, but I love the top :)

♥ What do you think of her style? I'm definitely lovin' it!


  1. I personally don't like her, but her style, make up and hair is amazing :)

  2. Great pics! Nice blog...Following and supporting :)

  3. She's gorgeous!!

    Sadie x


  4. She is so gorgeous! Love her style.

  5. I love her style now, she's grown into it alot recently :)
    gorgeous post!! x

  6. im not totally in love with her style, but i loooove her hair she always looks so gorgeous!

  7. I love her short hair too, I even went to the hairdressers with one of these pictures but my hair didn't turn out half as nice! Lovely blog x


  8. Sorry I didn't see about the link bit :/ x

  9. She is gorgeous, love her style!


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