Saturday, January 29

'Pushing the boundaries' OOTD ♥

I got out of bed extra early today to snap up some bargains, here's what I wore..

[paste in embarrassing photos]

Crop Top: Matalan
Necklaces: Newlook
Tube Skirt: Newlook 
Hoodie: Hollister
Plain Black Tights: Tesco 
Heeled Boots: Marks & Spencer (shown before in a haul post)

I did get a few 'how old is she?!' looks from the older generation due to the short skirt and high heel look, but we all have to push the boundaries don't we?

& here are a few photos I'm sure you will enjoy. I don't know what got over me, or what came over my hair (definitely not a brush!) hehe.

Oh, and before I forget..

If any of you have a question for me, I've got Formspring! & I would love to answer any questions. So ask away :)

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