Wednesday, January 19

Little bit of a splurge

[images courtesy of my iPhone, sorry for bad focus]

This morning I woke up to my gran telling me she was going into town and asking if I wanted anything. Wanted anything? Sure, why not! So I sent her into town with a little list of goodies I really wanted, and a handful of pound coins found from behind the sofa, on top the fridge, and in jean pockets.. 

♥ Here's what she came back with..

Body Shop

Vitamin E Moisture Serum
RRP: £10.00
I wanted this because I have extremely dry skin, and winter isn't helping!

Sample: Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream
Can't wait to use this little sample, smells great!
RRP: £3.50


Frog Prince Bath Ballistic
RRP: £2.75
This smells really fresh! It's got red cocoa butter lips too, making it super moisturising (so cute!)

Ex Lover Boy Ballistic
I had 2 of these last year and loved them, so had to get few more!
RRP: £1.99

Samples: Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream
Hmm, not sure if I need this but I will definitely try it :)
RRP: £14.95

& Curly Wurly Shampoo
I haven't got curly hair, but I'm still gonna give it a go..
RRP: £8.95

Bio Oil
RRP: £9.18 for 60ml
I suffer from stretch marks on my hips and a scar from a 'learning to ride a bike with stabilisers' related incident. I've used this once already and it's brill, my hips feel firmer as though they are toned. I'm liking that!

And just a little update..

I've already broken my new years resolution of keeping away from magazines. I just couldn't help it, I felt out of sync and really behind! I think I've brought 7 since New Years Day. That's really bad isn't it?

Have you used any of the products I've brought? Or are you dying to get them? 


  1. I love the ex lover ballistic, was so much fun breaking it all up into little pieces, smelled yummy too!

    I fail at not buying magazines too!


  2. Oh you got some LUSH Valentine Day goodies! =D

  3. Wow! Your gran is good at shoppin! Lol haha.
    Lush is amazing! Can you tell me what is your favourite product of theirs? xx

  4. Your gran is so sweet! Look at that gingerbread man! :)

    Hey, we're all entitled to little slip ups! Stop buying magaziiines! :P

  5. That Lush looks amazing!!! I'm soo addicted to their products!

  6. @Hannah, It changes all the time but I would have to say their Bubblegum Lip Scrub. It's the one product I keep re-buying time and time again! xoxo

  7. I actually went to LUSH today and picked up 4 ex factor bath bombs. I tried them last year and absolutely love the smell of them.

  8. I love lush products, they're soo nice :) I've also used bio oil before and after a month or so of using it I definitely saw results x


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