Friday, January 7

I'm A Stylish Blogger! ;)

 A few days ago I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award from the lovely Dianne over at FaceFixers!
Thanks Dianne :)

♥ The way the award works:
- Thank the person who nominated you, and announce them in the post. *check*
- Name 7 things about yourself.
- Make a list of 7 newly discovered blogs that you will give this award to.

Okay, 7 things about myself. This should be simple?
1) I can't whistle, no matter how hard I try.
2) I suffer from extremely violent 'ice pick' headaches. They last up to a minute and feel like an ice pick being hit against my head. It's extremely painful, and very awkward.
3) I adore the UK series 'Miranda', and have watched all the episodes at least twice. :)
4) I have been known to feel queasy and faint just at the words 'blood', 'placenta' and 'clot'. I can't sit through a biology class about reproduction, organs or health without having to leave..
5) I'm left handed!
6) I'm a descendant(?) of the first known Cornish family, and our family has it's own family cress and many places in Cornwall are named after our families' original name. My Great Great Uncle still has the original surname! :O
7) I've never broken a bone. I must be very lucky! 

Who to pick? There are so many amazing blogs I read on a daily basis..
Naomi from 'Enough Said'
Lina from 'Makeup To Makeout'
Vivianna 'Vivianna Does Makeup'
Sofia from 'Sofia's Journal'
Olivia from 'Olivia Writes'
Caz from 'thisiscaz'
Emma from 'Birds Decorate Branches'

These aren't really 'newely found' writers, but they are the best I follow. You should definitely check them out! 


  1. AWH. Thankyou sophie :D Love you to bits <3
    Well done btw. Loverly posts (:

  2. Congrats on the award hun! And thanks for passing it on :) xx

  3. Awww Sophie! Thank you so much lovely! Great post and thanks for the award, love it!! xxxxx


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