Monday, January 3

♥ Happy birthday... in 36 days!


Okay, that's a joke.. it's 36 days 'til my birthday. But i'm already thinking about it, trust me.. I can't really stop thinking about it. I mean, thinking about what I want to do for my 16th, the must-have-a-massive-party age, is unbearable. Do I have a party and risk my house being smashed to pieces? Do I have a sleepover, as per usual? Or should I go out to a restaurant with a few friends and eat the whole evening?

Choices, choices..

And the presents! Do I want something in particular? Do I want 1 big present? Do I just want a little cash? Or do I want a selection of little things? I'm really into clothes right now, simply because I don't actually wanna go in my birthday suit all year round. Something a little fashionable, a little pricey and a little vintage suits me just fine. I'm also loving my makeup right now, and always on the look out for new and exciting products- but as my mum repeats daily 'Soph makeup goes off you know! Don't waste your money, you have enough right now'. I guess she's right, but I still haven't found the best coral blusher, the best pink lipstick or the best volume boosting mascara. If they even exist that is..

I'm hoping for some Hollister and Jack Wills clothing this year, and maybe a few pounds for my purse.. which is looking extremely thin after splashing out in xmas sales! I wouldn't mind some nail polish and makeup too, but I have to admit, I do have quite a lot.. (oops)

[If anybody is interested in a makeup collection post, comment below! ]

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed/didn't-get-bored of my rather unusual and random post today! 

& if you would like to see my makeup collection please comment below 


  1. A makeup collection post would be good :D

  2. a make-up collection post please :)

  3. I'd love to see a makeup collection post! It's my birthday this month too and I have no idea what I want, or what to do for it either! x


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