Sunday, January 2

♥ Detective Chief Inspector Sophie

I managed to snap this photograph of my little boy, otherwise known as Bramble.
 In fact he's not a little boy, he's MY pet dog. Not my parents, not the 'families', but mine. See, my name is on his doggy certificate.. and on the odd occasion I pay for his vet bills. That be the extremely odd occasion. Okay, i've paid once. 

[is he taking the mick? under my duvet with his head on my pillow ]

But that's not the point, he's still my little pup. He's around 6 now, I can't really remember, but he's starting to get grey ears so I'm guessing he's around 6. That could mean he's anywhere between 4 and 8. Well he's around 6. 

♥ Onto the story, or rather the mystery..

You see, today when my dad said 'shall I take Bramble for a walk with the others?' I was a little shocked. Not because he was invited along, because he's always invited, but because he didn't wanna go for a doggy  stroll. Instead he kinda whimpered and hid behind me. At this point I was in bed on the internet, and was kinda suprised he didn't wanna go. Yes, he's extremely lazy.. but it's all cos he's fat. A little chubby, a small bit of excess weight on his tummy. In fact we call him 'fat boy' on the odd day. Yet he usually loves his walks. 

I went into detective mode, asking him why he didn't wanna go and had anybody been mean to him. That didn't get very far, as dogs don't really talk. He did twitch his ears and put his head on one side instead, if that counts. I still haven't got to the bottom of this mystery though.. so am going to ask him tomorrow if he wants to go 'walkies' and see how he reacts. 

Maybe he was having a bad day, or maybe he just couldn't be bothered.. 

[wrapped up warm, not that his extra flab doesn't keep him well insulated]

As always thank you for taking your time to read my blog, I really appreciate it! 


  1. Awww he's a little cutie! I have a gorgeous little black Pooch of my own who's 4 but looks about 100. She actually has grey hair around her ears and has a lovely white beard which is rather cute :)

    Dont you just love when dogs do "people things" like lying with their head on a pillow or using both paws to grip something their chewing on? I know it's sad but I'd sit n watch my dog do that kinda thing for hours ♥

  2. @All Made Up- Aww, she sounds adorable! & when you speak to them they tilt their heads or open their eyes wide.. extremely cute. In fact while I am writing this comment Bramble is sat on the end of my bed snoring like a trooper, he's also doing the 'chasing rabbits' dream where his feet are running but he's still asleep.


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