Wednesday, January 5

100 Followers! Thankyou ♥

[I was planning on posting a few photos I took for my Art coursework today, but this post is much more important!]

I've reached 100 followers, that's 100 people reading my blog! Isn't that amazing? I'm so happy. 

When I created my blog, I had never thought I would be lucky enough to have 100 followers (omg!) and all I can say is thank you. Thank you so much! Without your support, I wouldn't be in this situation. 

I was saying to a friend at school today, one of only 2 friends to know about my blog, that I was ecstatic to have reached 90+ followers yesterday! She was really happy for me, which was lovely.. and it's really nice to tell somebody about my blog. I still haven't decided whether I should tell all my friends, and if so whether I want them to be reading it.. it's a little scary thinking they will all read it! Don't you think?

Thanks for your support- especially your comments, they mean so much to me. I hope you have a great day/night depending on your timezone :)

cupcakes all round!


  1. So glad you reached your target, hope I played a little part in that! xx

  2. Well done on reaching 100 Sophie!
    Only one of my friends knows about my blog :L

  3. Congrats on your followers hunnie :) Everytime I get a new follower I get that extra little bit excited that my blog is growing so I can imagine how you feel... Keep up the good work xxx

  4. @Lisa- thankyou! it's not really a target, just a milestone :) I love the thought of people actually reading my blog hehe. xoxo
    @FaceFixers- thanks Dianne! I didn't want anybody knowing at first, but then let it slip by accident. I was petrified they would think it was silly! xoxo
    @Charli!- thanks :) I'm exactly the same! It's really exciting, and gives me the motivation I need to keep on blogging as much as possible. xoxo

  5. Congrats on all your followers :) You deserve them all xxx

  6. Congratulations! Add me to your followers! <3 I know what you mean about talking to someone about your blog. I enjoy the anonymity of having a secret place for writing. My husband knows of my blog though only a select few of my friends are aware of it. I get shy whenever people I personally know comment about my blog. lol.


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