Sunday, December 18

Photography Shoot 2

As promised, here is my second shoot. These photos were taken from a park in Truro, Cornwall. I'm really sorry if my blog starts to load really slow because of all these images. I should probaby upload them to Tumblr instead.. but let's not get too technical!

Happy xmas everyone

Saturday, December 17

Where have I been?!

Instead of apologising for my lengthy absence, I decided I would show you exactly what I have been up to! The best way of showing you is to let you see my photography photos, as photography is the A-Level in question that is keeping me from blogging -everyone say awwww-.

So, I hope you enjoyed having a little look at my photography unit. I received my grade for the unit yesterday.. and I was given an A!!!

I didn't actually use the shoot below in my sketchbook, as it didn't relate well to my theme of 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' (and the actual quality of my photography skills was lacking at that point). However, as Harriet will be extremely happy to know she's made it onto my blog, I thought I would let you have a look. This is the first shoot of five, so expect 4 more blog posts in the next few days.

Happy xmas everyone

Saturday, November 26

Hair Styling: Babyliss Big Hair

Hello everyone, I am back! I've been a bit lazy lately and have been too bogged down with college work to even think about blogging. I have really missed posting as it's my main hobby.. and life gets awfully boring when all you're doing is college essays and sketchbooks.. anyway.. onto the blog post!

 awful focus.. sorry

The Babyliss Big Hair is an Airstyler tool that uses a multi-directional rotating bristle brush to add volume and shine to hair. The large ceramic mechanism (which looks a little daunting at first glance) dries your hair as you brush it, adding heaps of volume to the roots. It's built in 700W hair dryer creates fullness and body, but also adds amazing shine while getting rid of those pesky fly aways.

I have been trialing this for quite some time now and although it look quite a while to get used to it, I've finally figured it out! At first I thought it was some sort of hair-eating monster but after a few good hours of testing I've been given great results. I usually dry my hair 1/3 of the way before using this tool just because my hair is extremely thick (even if it doesn't look it), and then brush through in three sections. Bottom, Middle, and then Top/Fringe. It's so simple!

The styler has 2 different heat settings plus a cool setting. It's also got 2 rotation speeds- one for the wimp, and one for more adventurous. The brush also rotate in two different ways for easy use on both sides of your head. It's super easy to use and has a long cord that turns to prevent the awkward 'I'm stuck in the cord' scenario. You also get a protective shield which covers the bristle brush, therefore stopping it getting mangled or bent. Perfecto.


The Babyliss Big Hair Styler retails for £42.97 at Tesco Direct, where you can also pick up a good few points if you use your cheeky clubcard!

I recieved this product to review, however this does not effect my opinion whatsoever. All opinions are my own.

Friday, November 11

Beautycfw ventures onto Youtube!

I have finally made my first Youtube video after months of promising to start 'sometime soon'. I needed a good old kick up the bum, and after a few people kept edging me to film through Twitter.. I finally set the ball rolling. It's quite a big thing for me, as I always said I would never do Youtube. It's just an easy way to receive hate and I'm not sure I'm quite up to the horrible things I can picture people saying. Nevertheless I've tried it out and if you all think I'm decent, I may do a few more! Just let me know!

My first video is a Collection Haul from the last few weeks including a brand new Chanel foundation and my completed MAC Palette. If you'd like to see any more videos from me in the future make sure you follow my Youtube channel and comment on the video with feedback/video ideas.

Saturday, November 5

Fantasy Shopper: New Fashion Website

I'm never one to play Facebook games, or any other games on the internet. I think it's just a waste of time, and pretty pointless.. but I've found a new website (which requires a Facebook login) that I'm sure you will all love. Fantasy Shopper is a site that allows you to buy clothes with fake money and create outfits from this season's clothes. By completing certain goals, you get given more money to spend on all the shoes and handbags you could ever want. It's a great site for checking out how that pair of shorts look with that top, before you splurge out in real life!

I currently have 15 badges (yay!), and each time you receive a badge you are given more spending money, such as 'get a badge for making your first outfit'. You get the gist! Some of the shops you can spend this virtual money include Newlook, Harrods, Debenhams, All Saints, Republic, Office, Matalan and Accessorize. You also have a pay day every hour, as you can see I've got 58 minutes left to get my pay day. I think the funniest/wackiest thing about Fantasy Shopper is that you get bank statements, where you can see which clothes you've bought, which you've refunded, and when you've received a pay day. It's all a bit too real to be virtual, which is why I've been spending what feels like my entire life on the website lol!

If you would like to check out Fantasy Shopper (which I think you should!) you can click this link to sign up through your Facebook profile. It doesn't post anything on your walls, so don't worry! It's nothing like Farmville ;) By signing up through my link you'll be helping me gain more virtual cash, so I would love if you could.

Friday, November 4

SW1 South West Blogger Meet-up!

As most of you will know I live down in Cornwall, a great place for fishing, swimming and walking, but not so great for blogging meet-ups! The ever so gorgeous Tamsin (and Abby) has arranged a fabulous event that will be held at the Exeter Castle Ballroom which I'm sure you'll agree is more than picturesque! It's also in the pipeline that there will be some very exciting magazines attending, goodie bags for attendees and even some fancy talks. However, this will only happen if you all sign your life away and let them know you're attending ;)

The event is being planned for something near the end of January/early February 2012, just after exams (so no excuses)! It will be held on a weekend and we'll all be told in advance of the date, so you'll have plenty of time to book hotels etc. For the more observant amongst you, you will have spotted the cute little SW1 button I have in my sidebar. It's my little badge of honour that I will be attending and if you think you will be there, make sure you place the badge on your blog! You can find the HTML code on Tamsin's blog. I can't wait to meet you all!

If you are going to be in the area, and believe you will be attending just tweet this:

"I'm attending the fabulous SW1 meet/event with @titchtamsin & @abbzzw sponsored by @fantasyshopper .. are you?"
Please leave your email address below so I can send it to Tamsin, allowing her to keep you all up to date with up-to-date news.

Wahanda: A Beauty Blogger's Dream

I do find these websites quite depressing, as I can look on at the gorgeous spa breaks without being able to try them myself! Thinking about how I could be lazing the day away having a luxurious facial, sipping a Pina Colada and pretending to be in a gorgeous countryside retreat. That was until I entered my postcode! I wasn't expecting any Wahanda results as Cornwall is just full of 'farmers and fields', but to my surprise I found spa destinations within 10 minutes of where I live- well done Wahanda. As my mum owns a salon, I won't be going anywhere else for some treatments.. but who doesn't want an Indian Head Massage in the click of a button?

Wahanda is a discount website that enables you to find spa breaks, 'Mobdeals' and treatments within your area in seconds. These could include luxury 7 day holidays to Portugal for £59 (oh yes, I'm eyeing that one up), half price pedicures, or 2 for 1 spa days. The 'Mobdeals' that Wahanda are known for usually last around 5 days, and are similar to that of Groupon.

I love how much choice and flexibility Wahanda gives you on the searching of deals; you can choose by price, treatment, region, day, and business type! I'm now searching for a spa retreat for my Mum for christmas, I'm sure she'll love to be pampered more than a pair of socks ;)

You can check out these super luxurious deals at, have you taken a peak? Any great deals in your area you'll be snapping up?
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Wednesday, October 26

Tilly Mint Bakery

Living down in Cornwall does have it's benefits; being near the beach, having lots of little cosy shops, and having a landscape that's naturally photogenic. One benefit however, is having Tilly Mint Bakery only a mile down the road! Their cupcakes are the most gorgeous cupcakes you will ever try, and at £1.50 are worth every penny. I know most of you won't have an opportunity to try them *this is where we need taste-avision and smell-avision* but I'm sure you'll happily lust over the photos anyway. My favourite out of the chocolate, lemon and vanilla is definitely chocolate as it's really rich and sweet. If you ever do come down to Cornwall, be sure to stop at Tilly Mint Bakery in Truro. 

Visit the Tilly Mint Bakery website here, but be warned they have some amazing cakes and cupcakes on their gallery section that will make you super hungry! Nom nom nom..

Saturday, October 22

A-Level Photography

Hello Kitty pen from Sainsbury's, Burt's Bees lip balm, Pencil Case from Accessorize. Excuse all my 'to chuck away' photograms on display in the last photo!

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or who reads my Sunday Summary posts weekly will know I've taken Photography as an A Level at college. I wasn't sure what to expect from such a wide topic, but I like it so far.

I'm just dropping in, as I've finished my first sketchbook and it's half term now. Expect a few good blog posts while I start my next photography unit.. oh no! I have more than a dozen products which have been in my review box for more than a month, so I'll be sure to get around to those soon. 

Hope you've been having a lovely blogget-ing time while I've been away!

Sunday, October 16

'wow you actually look stylish' OOTD

I've been looking really rough this week, therefore no photo of my face sorry!

Necklace: Newlook, Top: Primark, Cardigan: Newlook, High Waisted Jeans: Topshop, Boots: Marks & Spencers

I never actually realised how crap college would be on the whole outfit front, I mean, it took me long enough to find uniform to wear let alone finding an actual outfit. When Charlotte from Charlotte's Obsessions told me on Twitter to do an OOTD, I whipped out the Canon 600D and posed a little. I've been feeling quite self conscious about my body this week so no rude comments please!

The title for this blog post originated when I met up with my friend, and as I got off the bus she said 'wow, you actually look quite stylish today Sophie'. Ouch, thanks a lot Harriet. Massive vote of confidence (I love you really)! Anyway, I had dragged out the heeled boots and high waisted jeans to just look decent for a change.. Even if the only compliment I got was from a rude best friend.

Hope you've all had a good weekend, and I apologise for my lack of blogging!

Thursday, October 6

Welcome To The Doggy Hotel

Just a quick post to pass the time, sorry for the non-beauty related post! I've been completely bogged down with college work at the moment- I'll be back blogging again soon. Woof woof!

 Toby: Giant Schnauzer
the non-stop bull in a china shop

Ozzy: Miniature Schnauzer
the one who learnt how to squeak rather than bark

A few days ago we had Toby and Ozzy over to stay, as my Gran (who we all know I don't get on with) has decided to use our house as a pet-boarding/grooming business. I know, annoying right? The only benefit of this is getting to know the lovely little dogs who come over to stay! Toby has been over quite a few times, and he's the most clumsy thing you'll ever meet. He walks into walls, sits on Ozzy's head and generally just breaks things. He's completely harmless unless he sits on you.. ouch. It's the first time we had Ozzy over, who lives with Toby. He usually travels with his family but this time they weren't able to take him- and so he came here with us! He's so cuddly, and his bark is more of a cat's meow. I don't know what happened there! He's super energetic and squeaky.

They've returned home again now, but they're so adorable I wish I could have kept them! 

P.S, most Giant Schnauzers have black 'birth marks' on their tongues.
P.P.S, her 'company' isn't really called the doggy hotel, that's just the blog's title.

Sunday, October 2

Sunday Summary (13)

 The gorgeous view from the top of my garden

 An already flowering Holly tree in our back garden, it's so stunning

Some sort of flower, it's pretty
  • I have spent most of today relaxing under the sun outside in my garden. I hope I've caught a tan but it's pretty unlikely, I'm never tanned! As well as just lying on the trampoline sunbathing, I spent a few hours doing A-Level Photography coursework and just generally messed about. We have a mini schnauzer and a giant schnauzer joining our little clan at the minute so there are 5 dogs, which is never too much fun! I was joined on the trampoline by this group of yobs trying to destroy any sense of calm or relaxation. 
  • Yesterday me and Dad went on our own kind of road trip to Exeter, West Point, and Paignton. I We were on the look out for a Auto Trail Chiefton motorhome at about £50,000, but came home without! It's a huge amount of money that we just aren't sure whether will be put to good use. However we did have an amazing day together- just me and him! Some quality dad/daughter time, which may or may not have included a trip to KFC.. shhh
  • I'm beginning to think college will make me (and my parents) bankrupt. I seem to be having a daily Starbucks and buying food rather than making it! Also I have to get 2 buses home each day which are under different companies, so I've had to buy a daily ticket with one of the companies. It's about £6 that I'm spending per day and it soon adds up. I'm really struggling to see how I can change that but hey-ho.. I'll just have to go without my Starbucks and make my own lunch!
  • This week I have been suffering with super oily skin and I don't have a clue why! It's beginning to become a real issue. I can have flakey skin at the same time as I have oily skin, and I just don't know what to do with it. My current skin routine has helped it develop leaps and bounds, but I've come to a stand still now. If anyone has any ideas to help me out please let me know! I'm dying to have normal skin.
  • After having a huge think about my blog, I've decided to give it up. KIDDING. I have actually been thinking about new ideas and routes my blog can develop into. As it's Halloween soon I will be doing a few tutorials, plus I've made a promise to myself that I will start a Youtube soon. I have been getting so many FormSpring/Twitter questions asking me to start Youtube that I'm just gonna do it! As you will have seen, my Bloggers Uncovered series has now finished so I'm trying to find ideas for another series I can do.

Three people/blogs I love:

I hope you've all had a brilliant week!
You can expect quite a few lifestyle posts from me this following week!

Friday, September 30

Bloggers Uncovered: Sinead from 'Dainty Dollymix'

This is the very last of my Bloggers Uncovered series- I've had an amazing experience chatting with all these lovely bloggers! I hope you have enjoyed the series, and you may see it again sometime soon.. 

Hi Sinead! To start off with, why did you start your blog Dainty Dollymix?
Hi Sophie! I started my blog in the first instance so i could follow and comment on other blogs that i loved, i never started it with the intention of blogging myself! It was around the time when i started getting into high end brands such as MAC and thought why not share my buys with others, as i love reading haul posts! It started from there really! I have loved reading beauty blogs and watching youtube beauty gurus for the longest time!

Do your friends and family know about your blog?
The first person i told was my boyfriend literally as soon as i started my blog, and he has been so supportive! It took me about a year of blogging to finally tell my mum about my blog as I didn't think anyone else would 'get' it, but she thinks its amazing too! None of my friends know about my blog, although i would love to tell them!

Do you think you'll still be blogging in 10 years time?
I'm not sure, who knows whats going to happen next week never mind in 10 years? If the love and passion is still there then im sure I will most definitely be blogging as its such a huge part of my life now! I'm not too sure how I filled my days before blogging! :)

Would you consider yourself good at HTML/CSS?
Absolutely not! ha! I dont even know what CSS is! I am okay at fairly simple HTML such as changing the fonts of titles but I have to follow instructions down to a tee and get it wrong a lot of the time! Its all about trial and error!

Do you like to take part in the #bbloggers chat on Twitter?
I have never really taken part in the #bbloggers chat on twitter, dont get me wrong I really do think its a brilliant idea for beauty bloggers to share their opinions and ideas with others but it's never really been something im interested in, although i do tend to follow the chat and have a read of what others are saying!

Have you ever been to a blogging event? 
I have indeed! The events that i have been to are the Aussie events as i have been a Aussie angel for quite some time! Every event has been amazing & getting to put faces to the names of bloggers you talk to all the time & meeting new people is incredible!I have been invited to so so many events that i unfortunately have to miss out on because i live up in Leeds and takes a lot of time & money to get down to London!

Who are your favourite established bloggers?
There are so so many to chose from! I would say my favourite established bloggers are Kelly, Gemma, Carla, Milly, Zoe, Zara and Sarah.

Who are your favourite new bloggers (under 18mnths)?
Again, there are so many to chose from as i have so many favourite blogs! Vivianna, Charlotte and Gem are some of my favourite newer bloggers! I have a page on my blog of all the different blogs i love which can be found here

What is your favourite post from your blog and why?
My favourite post on my own blog is my original make up vanity and storage collection which can be found here It got so many amazing comments, is one of my most popular posts to be read to date and i had lots of fun taking photos and writing it!

Which camera/device do you use to take photos for your blog?
I use a old school fujifilm digital camera that im not even sure if they sell anymore its that old & was so super cheap! Its about 9 megapixels but has an amazing macro setting that is absolutely perfect for my close up pictures! I call it my blogging camera!

Name one thing you like about blogging?
One thing i love about blogging is meeting the most amazing people along the way! I am privileged to have met the people i have and to call them real life friends is incredible!

Name one thing you dislike about blogging?
Peronally blogging wise, there is not one thing i dislike about it! I love every aspect and that is why i keep on doing it! I am so passionate about writing and beauty, there isnt a day that goes by that im not doing something in regards to my blog, i love it that much!

And a weird one, would you rather be a tiny rhino or a giant hamster?
haha! love this question! I think i would actually rather be a tiny rhino! Not sure why, but a small version of such a scary animal like a rhino would be amazing!
Sinead is just such an amazing blogger. I really look up to her and her blog- it's just exactly what I want Beauty Comes From Within to be in the future. We all know she's a massive blogger (popularity not size!) but her feet are firmly on the ground and she's never one to ignore you! She's just a really lovely person. Remember to check her blog out here if you haven't already.

Tuesday, September 27

Bloggers Uncovered: Zoe from 'Zoella'

Hi Zoe! To start off with, why did you start your blog Zoella?
Hello Sophie.. Well to begin with, I mostly just watched YouTube Videos on beauty and all things makeup related, then I discovered that a few of the gurus had blogs on the side, which I then went on to read daily. I thought "I reckon I could do that", and on one very boring day, Zoella was born :)

Do your friends and family know about your blog?
Yes they do, and most read it, which I never thought they would. Obviously the men in my family aren't so keen, but that's understandable. ;) I found it a bit odd at first, but if they all enjoy it then I don't mind them reading it once in a while.

Do you think you'll still be blogging in 10 years time?
Who knows! I'd like to think so, how weird would that be, looking back over 10 years of my life all documented on the internet. Everyone will essentially just be watching me age, and acquire wrinkles...scary!

Would you consider yourself good at HTML/CSS?
No way! I'm terrible. Most of the things on my blog (besides the header and the sizing) I've had to ask people to help me. I'm actually currently looking at getting a total makeover on the blog, (there's some exclusive info for you there haha) so hopefully it will all come together nicely and be a bit more pleasing on the eye. I get bored very easily, so change is sometimes needed.

Do you like to take part in the #bbloggers chat on Twitter?
I have done a few times, I think it's a great idea, although because my tweets are protected it's a bit harder to get involved as only a certain number of people can see my tweets.

Have you ever been to a blogging event?
Yes, I've been to plenty. They're a great opportunity to see what goes on in different companies and to get up close and personal to new collections. It's also great for socializing with other bloggers :)

Who are your favourite established bloggers?
I'm not sure what you mean by established, but there are so many blogs that I have followed for years and read on a regular basis. To name a few, LLYMLRS, SprinkleOfGlitter, MARIANNAN, Fade to Black, IHeartVintageX, Sophia's Journal, BUBBLEGARM and many many more. I follow over 600 blogs and love and read them all :)

Who are your favourite new bloggers (under 18mnths)?
I follow way too many blogs to even think about it haha. I don't actually know how old any blogs are that I read, and I don't actually ever check. If I see a blog I like, I generally whack the ol' follow button. :) Maybe I should look more closely at the newbies, but some are so good, it's hard to know who are new in the blogging world and who have been doing it for years.

What is your favourite post from your blog and why?
This is so hard. I think it's got to be my "Why are you so skinny" post. I love to take pretty photos and review beauty items but I think that blog post really helped a lot of people to feel better about the way they looked and how others perceived them, and it's really satisfying to know that I've encouraged many young girls (and older for that matter) to share similar stories and boost their body confidence. It made me feel all happy inside :)

Which camera/device do you use to take photos for your blog?
Recently I was given a Canon EOS 600D for my 21st birthday, so in more recent blog posts that's the camera I've used. I love it, it's my baby.

Name one thing you like about blogging?
The many different opportunities that come from doing something I just love to do aswell as meeting new people and making lifelong friends.

Name one thing you dislike about blogging?
People that judge you on what you provide them. It's very difficult to get across your personality just in words and pictures, and unfortunately some people think they know everything about you by these two simple things, and really they don't at all. I also don't like that people try to add members of my family and my boyfriend on social networking sites. It just makes me question how much of my life I really want to share as clearly these people just need to know EVERYTHING, when actually, I think sometimes they forget I'm just a normal girl.

And a weird one, would you rather be a tiny rhino or a giant hamster?
A tiny rhino! How cool would that be haha.
I think it's easy to say Zoe is one of the most inspiring girls on the blogosphere, and I really look up to her! She's absolutely hilarious (mentioning no monkey suit) and is just stunning. I'm sure you have all seen her blog before, but if you've been missing from the blogosphere in the last few years you can visit her beauty/fashion/lifestyle based blog here! :)

Monday, September 26

Olympia Beauty Show

How amazing are these.. I didn't get a chance to picture the Essie stand and didn't purchase any nail polishes from them (as I have over 100 already) but wish I had now!


These are too adorable! I ended up picking the Ladybird and the Dragonfly ones. I wish I'd got the Bumblebees too now *obsessed*. I heard they'll be bringing out some of these babies with paw print designs at the start of 2012.. shhh. 

Can we all see Richard Ward at the end? (squeals) 

Excuse all the photos but with my press badge I thought it was only right to walk around with my Canon 600D looking like the proper 'press'. I even got approached by one guy asking me to take photos of his products for him, in return for 'good business'. Obviously I refused and ran the hell away from the crazy man! I was quite proud of my Press badge so ended up keeping the badge on until I reached Truro station as I couldn't bare to take it off. It's the first real event I've been to so I definitely strutted my stuff.

I was going to post a photo of all the freebies I was given, and all the things I had bought but I think I'll save that for some other time. I did however pick up SO many products which will keep my reviewing 'agenda' busy for a few months/years! As you can see there were so many great companies at the show which I took advantage of, I just couldn't believe the queues at OPI. Who knew OPI were so famous?! ;)

After having a good old look around I headed up to the Beauty Arena for the Best In Beauty seminar hosted by the amazing Helena Biggs. THE Richard Ward was on the panel, which just stunned me. He was absolutely hilarious- who'd have thought he could be so funny? I was sat right on the front row of James Read and after tweeting him he said I should've said hi.. I feel I've missed out on an opportunity there girls! Kidding of course..
I'm so glad I got the chance to go to Olympia Beauty, sometimes it's great when your mum owns a beauty salon as you get to go to the shows! I think I'm permanently scarred by the amount of nail polish I saw and didn't buy though, but I told myself I already have 100+ nail polishes and don't need anymore.

Just a quick shout out, the lovely Louise from Sprinkle Of Glitter gave me a mega amazing shout out in her latest video! Check it out?