Sunday, May 30

Alicia Keys Looking 'Poofy'

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Having a good afternoon? I hope you are!

Today, while looking up some of the latest news, I found this photo of Alicia Keys showinng off her baby bump. She is wearing a very poofy silver D&G dress, and very sparkly Louboutin heels.

I am not too keen on the dress, as the petal shaped fabric looks very.. over the top, but I love that shes classed it with a belt to show off her baby bump. The Louboutin's are just amazing, I couldn't find you a close-up photo, but I will keep searching. :)

What do you think of her dress? Fashion trend or fashion disaster?

Friday, May 28

Rachel Stevens described as 'Radiant'

I only saw a few days ago that former S Club 7 singer Rachel Stevens was pregnant, so wanted to share it with all you other bloggers if you didn't already know. She announced her pregnancy last week, as has been said to be looking radiant at the Sex & The City premiere.

(All images sourced from

I was more than amazed at her lovely tunic-style dress she wore to the premiere, as well as her stunning gold heeled sandals. Her hair is curled in loose curls, but looks very glam- and not at all beachy. She looks radiant and has such a stunning figure.

As for the photo to the right, doesn't her hair look very fancy? She definitely dresses to impress. I love how shes matched a very formal jacket with a lovely casual top (or is that a cardi?) and leggings. The one thing I don't like is the glasses, I mean come on.. they remind me of 3D films at the cinema. How on earth could those things be in fashion? 

Cute little find

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Isn't this just such a lovely shoe? I found it while browing on Dorothy Perkin's website.

These laced pumps, with a cute peep toe are selling for £22. So if you like them as much as I do, check them out on their website.

Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser

All you need to know about Clean & Clear's 'work in one day' Blackhead Clearing Cleanser.
I have been a long sufferer of blackheads around my t-zone, especially my nose- with no success as yet to finding a 'cure'. I am in no way a dirty person, as I shower daily, which causes my dry skin- but I feel sick if I don't shower (eeewww, dirt!).

Clean & Clear claims that this product helps clear and prevent blackheads- but it doesn't. Maybe I should of brought the whole range, and tried the products as a three step system, but I very uch doubt that would work. I know Clean & Clear works wonders for some people, but I also know that many people hate the company as none of their products work on them. Let's just say, I agree with the second choice.

I find when applying this cleanser, it feels very tight and dries my skin out a lot. My Clinique 3 step toner doesn't sting as much as this, and even though I am pale, I wouldn't say my skin in very sensitive. At first, I thought it may be working but after 2 weeks of constant use (1 week a few months back, and 1 week this month) I have seen no results what so ever. I would of atleast expected softer skin, or something..

Overall, I wouldn't bother wasting your time on this product as it has NO results, just like using water.

Thursday, May 27

Plastic Surgery- Good Or Bad?

As many of us magazine lovers will have seen splattered across the press, Plastic Surgery is a re-occuring story in the pages of our favourite magazine. Lately, celebrities like Heidi Montag and Lindsay Lohan have been pictured before and after their surgery, which leads to my thoughts.. why would anybody feel that insecure to change their appearance permanently?

Have a look at these photos I found:

In my opinion, they both looked much better before they had the surgery. Take Heidi for example, she was born naturally stunning, but due to insecurity of her husband, being famous, and stress- she was lead to become obsessed wit surgery, and have 10 operations in one day. It's ridiculous that she has had to come to this. Yes, some really ignorant men may think she looks amazing, and 'fit' but to me she just looks fake.

What do you think of Heidi's surgery, and Lindsay's Lip Surgery?

I would love to see what you think.


Tuesday, May 25

Sunburn Isn't Great

Yesterday, for a school Geography trip, we went to the local beach to study rocks, sand dunes and cliffs. As if that wasn't fun enough (sarcasm..) I came home looking like a lobster. Don't get me wrong, I did use suncream but only to find out that it was 7+ years old. My suncream was at the bottom of my bag, so I asked to borrow a friends. She told me she last used it when she went to America 7+ years ago, but I thought it would be fine, after all.. she didn't get burnt. But being the fair skinned freak that I am, I was burnt so badly on my chest.

I got home, looking and feeling fine. Only 5 minutes later did I start to feel really hot, tight and itchy. I looked at my chest in the mirror, and from my neck to my armpits I was red. Not bright pinky red, but a dark maroon colour. I knew it wasn't normal, but I also knew I had applied suncream multiple times that day. I got into a cool shower, to stop the burning, and when I got out- I was the bright pinky red colour, and it was a distinct bib shaped burn all across why neck and chest. Urgh.

So today I was home from school, not because of the sunburn, though I couldn't of worn a top today if I had tried. I have been wearing my nan's night dress, as it's way too big on me, and doesn't touch the 'bib burn' at all. I look like a 50 year old.

Anybody got any tips to get rid of this torture before I go to school tomorrow, for two hours of Physical Education in the burning sun? 

Collection 2000 Nail Varnish Review

Way back in February, a friend of mine brought me 3 nail varnishes from Superdrug (I think..). When I first saw them, I didn't like them at all, as they looked really bright on my nails, but after trying them properly I started to really adore the colours. The colours are that great, I might buy myself a few more.

At around £1.95 per nail varnish, these are a great price for adding to your collection, or starting it. The three colours I have are BMX Bandit, Siren and Show Off. I can't find specific photos of them, but here is a photo of most of the colours.

Just so you know, these colours are sold as 'hot looks that dry in 60 seconds', and that is true. I have found that after application, a few of my nails have air bubbles in, which leave little marks when dry- but they aren't too noticable. These nail varnishes are great for a night out, as they look great, but chip off really easily, and I find I have to take off the varnish after 3-4 days at the most.

I am going to invest in a few more (not that they are that expensive) as I love to wear them for special occasions, but I wouldn't wear them to school much- even though I have once of twice, because as I have said, they chip easily.

When applying this nail varnish, don't try and perfect the first coating, as it dries so fast you will end up with hard blobs and un-even splatters all over your nail. Just apply the nail varnish twice, and you will get a great coating. But remember, all work better with a base and top coat!

P.S the next blog post of mine will be either a Coastal Scents review or a Celebrity Style blog which I will continue to do monthly.

Saturday, May 22

What's Sophie Up To?

Just a quick blog to say what I have/am up to. This week has been quite hectic, and I have wanted to post a few more blogs but can't think of what to blog about. I am going to be doing a few blogs soon, but I haven't got around to them yet; Coastal Scents Tutorials x2, Room Tour (depending if people want me to), Lush 10 Pan (should I, or shouldn't I?), Plastic Surgery View, Celebrity Styles This Month and a Nail Varnish Review. I should get around to them from Friday onwards, as I break up for half term next week.

Today has been a very draining day to say the least. It started by me and my gran spending half an hour to find a house- which was more like a mansion. We arrived at the electric gates, the passed their stables, sand school and hot tub. I went to visit my 'Child Study' who I won't name- but she is the most adorable 11 month old I have ever met. She wouldn't stop riggling around, and was very fond of me, which is always a good sign.

I then went home to do my art coursework (urggh!) which consists of 2 observational studies and 2 analysis' of the artists work. I am doing my coursework on Stella Vine, who makes contraversial art such as paintings of Kate Moss and the late Princess Diana.


I like her art and all, but some of her sketches could be called Artist Porn- if you get what I mean.

Wednesday, May 19

5 Favourite Things

This is a very random, boredom-crunching blog. I am sat here, when I am supposed to be doing art coursework, thinking of random blogs I can do, which will make people think 'yeah, she's officially lost the plot' and help save me from doing coursework.

Let me commence my favourite things;

1) Summer Days
Who doesn't? It's soon to be summer (yet it's still raining..), and I just cannot wait. This summe me and my mum are going on holiday in Tenerife, only for 1 week, but the sun will be gorgeous, so I want to go now. I love summer days with friends, where you just grab the bus to your local beach, and relax all day and have fun. The only thing I dislike is being so pale, it's so taunting when others tan after a day at the beach, and I don't even show a slight colour change.

2) Animals
Animals are my lifelong passion, and I will never not love them. At my house we have 4 dogs and a cat- and I couldn't survive without them. Right now, Misty, one of my 2 giant schnauzers is sat here on my lap (ouch.. 38 kilos) and she looks adorable. Even though having a pet can lead to cleaning mess, buying new shoes, and having to pay for food- they are worth every penny, as they reward you in kindness. Unlike people, animals don't pity you or argue with you- making them much easier to love.

3) Outnumbered (UK only?)
Ahh! I laugh so much when I watch this- it's hilarious. I can't really explain it much, but it's all about a normal family- who have their ups and downs, and their mistakes. An example would be when they leave their grandad at a shop, only realising when they get home. Another would be when the little girl and her mum go into the toilets, and the little girl (Karen) opens the door while her mum is still on the toilet. If you haven't seen it before, I suggest you do!

4) Bracelets
At our school we are only ever allowed to wear a watch, but many of us get away with wearing bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings- without having to take them off. This is great, but I find bracelets so much better- as they can be so different, and really make a difference to a boring school uniform. I love those little friendship bracelets, which are basically pieces of rope. So adorable!

5) Music
Doesn't everybody love music? It's great fun. There are so many different types- rap, pop, punk, classical.. and they are all so funny. I like pop, r&b and a bit of country music, but mainly just buy the chart music as it's all great these days. It's just good that you can listen to music, and all your troubles melt away, and before you know it your singing from the top of your lungs with a hairbrush, prancing around the room like madonna.

Well that was a great way of spending my 5 minutes.

Coastal Scents

Guess what arrived in the post today everybody?

You guessed it, my eagerly awaited Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette (.. that's a mouthful). I ordered it on Ebay just this sunday, with the seller saying 'delivery will be 5-7 days after payment', so I expected it to arrive on Friday or Saturday. To my suprise, I was left a note my mum (who had went to work) which read 'hi soph, parcel in garage. be home later x'. So obviously I went to the garage happy as can be, to see a GIANT parcel. This couldn't of been mine, all I ordered was an eyeshadow palette? But it was..

This leads me to saying how people waste cardboard, I mean.. I could of fitted into that box, with a handful of eyeshadow palettes! Well maybe I couldn't, but still it was rather large.

I haven't used the lovely palette yet, but the colours are amazing. Ranging from creams to greens, to blues, purples, reds, pink and browns- it is exactly what I wanted. Each eyeshadow is around the size of a 5 pence (UK), but with 88 colours, i'm not complaining. I mainly brought the palette for the sake of trying colours and seeing which suite me, so they are a great size for that. From reviews I have read, you don't need to use hardly any eyeshadow as they are so well pigmented, so when I try them out- I will see.

Overall, I am extremely happy about spending £28.99 on this palette (includes p+p). I would defenately recommend this to you, and if you are in the UK- the best place to buy is Ebay!

(Image sourced from google)

Tuesday, May 18

Smelling Sophisticated

Perfume is like makeup, you want just the right amount.

Of course, like every girl, I have a few different perfumes such as; Just Me by Paris Hilton, Fantasy by Britney Spears and a new Nina Richie perfume. But today I have had around 5 comments just about my perfume, which I did slap on very heavily this morning in a rush.

Some friends, my mum, and even teachers have complimented me on how sweet, and sophisticated I smell today, which is a great compliment to recieve. I was happy to be given the great comment, but when asked 'ooh, which is it?', I visualized the perfume in my mind, but just couldn't remember the name.

The perfume I was wearing was from Kylie Minogue, called Showtime. Its in a beautiful circle shape, cut to a slight curve, with one of those lovely gemstone shaped lids. The smell is quite strong to start with, but even when becoming weaker; the scent is still recognizable. I would compare the smell to a fruit salad with some sort of champagne topping. The smell is very sweet, like sugar, but is still very dry and bitter at the same time. The smell is perfect for a night out at a club or just for a lovely dinner.

I would recommend this perfume greatly to you all, you just have to try it out. At £28.30 for a 30ml bottle, it's well worth the price for such an amazingly seductive perfume.

Wishing you a great week,

Hair Accessories

Have you noticed all the lavishly, beautiful girls strolling around your local town, city, neighbourhood? Well I have, and one of them is my best friend. She was granted the most amazing, long, brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes- while I was granted with blue eyes (which are great), and the most boring, un-workable, ginger/brown hair. I know I should be greatful to have naturally straight hair- but it can be a nuissance. Such as when I want to curl my hair like my lovely best friend, who I will name JJ for this post, the curlers make a lovely effect for about 5 seconds, until suddenly my hair just drops straight again. It's unbelievable. I have been forever told just to spray, spray, spray my hair, but it's just no use- as spray just doesn't effect it, and mousse is way to heavy for my hair. What a pickle.

Back to the main reason for this blog, Hair Accessories.. ooh. Hair accessories can turn boring, dull, annoying hair such as mine (and unlike JJ's) into a little less boring hair day. There is a vast variety of different hair accessories to choose from, and I will explain 5 of them briefly now.

1) 'Bobby Pins'
Known all around the world as Bobby Pins, these little miracle workers are the bodyguards of hairstyles. They were created to be un-seen, so come in some of the most well-known hair colours (blonde, brown, black) to keep them hidden. This is great because you can use lots of them, without people knowing your hair would be a safety hazard if touched. They are used to keep hair styles in place, such as messy buns and hooked back fringes. I love these Bobby Pins, and they are one of the most essential hair accessory.

2) Scrunchies
Okay, so they may have died out of fashion about 20+ years ago, but these things are sure to make a come back some time. Unlike the boring scrunchy in one colour, I am sure you can buy these in multi-colours if you look out for them. They can have flowers attached, gems attached and the better fabric scrunchies can be great for holding hair in a ponytail without damaging or causing split ends. You wait and see, these will be back on the highstreet before you know it..

3) Floral Clips
These things can be very bazarre, just like flowers the size of a football clipped onto the side of someone's hair. But when done correctly, flowers can add colour and depth to an outfit without making you look like the one woman who always wears the same, black, moth-eaten flower to a funeral. Now-a-days flower clips can be all different flowers, instead of the normal rose and daisy. They can also be found in different colours, shapes and sizes- but I love the new 'multiple shade' flowers which are very cheap in shops such as H&M or Accessorize. They take on colour such as blue, and have each layer of the flower in a different blue shade, which looks stunning when all the layers are stitched together. Basically, I love 'em.

4) Headbands
Maybe not the 'it-thing' to wear on the cat walk, but headbands work miracles for keeping your hair out of your face when applying makeup, lounging around, or running around the neighbourhood. They have saved me from the whole mascara-in-hair situation I know many of my friends have. I love how you can wear an all black outfit, but then add a lovely cheetah pattern headband and your outfit is instantly spiced up. The only thing is sizing, as many of the hard headbands can be very sore on your head if you have a particularly large head, and look really silly if you have a tiny head.

5) Claw Clips
Now, I never actually wear these but when worn well, you can create the most amazing styles with your hair, such as the french twist. I would preferably go for the silver, black and gold colours in these clips, but more bold colours can also be quite fashionable. I have seen lots of these around with gemstones and glitter on them, which look AH-MAY-ZING. They are also relatively cheap, and can be brought in drugstores such as boots and superdrug. I may be buying a lot of these soon, depending on this season's fashion.

Hope you had an amazing Tuesday,

Disclaimer: All images in the blog are sourced from Google.

Sunday, May 16

Starstuck - Disney Movie

Pathetic right, I am a teenager- and still watch Disney Channel. Well we only got Sky+ last year, so I have only had a year to watch it. As probably none of you know; there was a new movie out on Disney on Friday called Starstuck.

The main characters, Christopher Wilde - Sterling Knight and Jessica Olsen - Danielle Campbell, are the typical love story couple. Christopher, the famous, pop star endlessly chased by paparazzi falls for a typically beautiful Jessica Olsen, who he doesn't the press to know about.

They love story starts when Jessica is drove to the hospital but Christopher after being knocked out when he opens a door onto her face. She is ignorant and finds him impossible to like because her sister is so obsessed with him. She loves his music, but doesn't know him- so doesn't find she should be falling over him in love. He flirts with her, and obviously she falls for him. This is after he sinks her gran's car after he is given wrong directions, leaving them both falling into dirty water.

It's a great movie, but the music is best. Songs such as 'Hero', 'Something about the sunshine' and obviously 'Starstruck' are definately the best, and I have already purchased them on Itunes. These songs are very catchy, and have quite good lyrics for a Disney Music. I must say, Sterling Knight has a great voice, which is sometimes joined by Brandon Smith's and Anna Margaret's.

Over all, it's a great great movie, much better than the Hannah Montana Movie (eew..) and Wizard's Of Waverly Place Movie (.. urrgh). LOVE it, definate must see, as it's a typical love story which is also very humerous but has some depth. An absolute family pleaser.  

Youtube Makeup Guru's

There are lots of YouTube beauty gurus I have subscribed to, but only a few I check on everyday to check for new tutorials, reviews and vlogs. My favourite all time gurus from YouTube are basically the ones I find best for explaining makeup, understanding makeup, and the over all looks they achieve.

1) Elle Fowler - AllThatGlitters21
I stumbled across Elle after a few days of constant searching for good makeup artists that achieved great looks. Elle is very entertaining, especially when talking about her cats, Bella and Bear, but her tutorials are great. She uses lovely colours, explaining the products, and always ends up with a stunning look. She is great at showing how to achieve a certain look, and always tells her viewers a few great tips along the way. She is my favourite guru, as she is amazing.

2) Blair Fowler - JuicyStar07
Blair Fowler, Elle's younger sister, followed in her sister's footsteps and is now a great guru. Unlike Elle, I find I can somehow relate to Blair, as she is only a few years older than me. Her makeup looks are more 'my style', and she always says the basics when doing her tutorials, such as 'tap off any excess' which she always repeats (.. which is good for me, as I have a rubbish memory). She always looks perfect on camera, which shows she is a very gifted makeup guru.

3) Jessica Harlow - MissJessicaHarlow
I have found a few of Jessica Harlow's tutorials which have amazed me beyond belief. She shows beautiful tutorials, such as her recent recreation of Miley Cyrus' makeup in her new Can't Be Tamed music video. I love how creative her tutorials are, but don't really like how she records her voice over after she has made the video, so you can tell she is following a somewhat script. She is very talented, and her tutorials are very bright, so they are perfect for wearing on a night out rather than a day in the park.

4) Lauren Luke - Panacea81

For those of you who live in the UK, you may know Lauren from This Morning on ITV, where she performs magical makeovers using her new makeup range. Lauren was once just a normal makeup enthusiast, who loved to experiment and show others her work. She then became a partner on YouTube, leading her to her own column in a newspaper and a section on a TV show. She now has a makeup range, makeup book and a great career. I love how she does tutorials on 'normal' people, which includes people who aren't that good at makeup, or those who may put a bit too much on. She's a great role model, and I just love her tutorials.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope to see you on YouTube subscribing to these amazing artists.

Monday, May 10

Social Life? No Chance.

As you will already know if you have read all my other blog posts, I really dislike being educated. I know thousands of children don't have the facilities to be education;  LEDCs (less economically developed countries) such as Africa, India and probably some other places too, but seriously, they aren't missing much.

Education is supposed to be about learning, pushing yourself to the limits and discovering new things daily- but so far I have only learn around 2 things over all; that I am not up to this sort of pressure, and that maths isn't my kinda thing. I mean, who needs to know about Quadratic Equations, Surds (haha) and Histograms to survive? Only mathematicians. After all, you don't see images of cavemen learning about Pi now, do you?

I think maths is exactly like trying to cup water in your hands, no matter how much pressure you put yourself under, water always falls out; just like no matter how much I push myself to learn, I can never grasp the idea of Factorising and Substitution. Its a load of old bull.

Where as Child Development (Home Economics) is really useful for us girls, because in the end- I would rather know why 2 year olds have the 'terrible twos' phrase, than know how to use Pythagoras' Theorem. Home Economics is probably the loveliest subject to take, as you get to learn interesting and sometimes adorable things, and it's really easy to learn. Such as Holographic phrases for example; which is when a young child catergories a whole subject as one name- for example, a young child would use the word apple for ALL the fruit in a supermarket. Pretty darn cute, right?

Over all, Child Development and Textiles are my favourite subjects, which I may be stereotyped for- as I am a 'woman', and 'women do those kind of things..', but just to prove people wrong; there is a boy who took Child Development this year, which must mean the world's getting less stereotypical..

Wednesday, May 5

Products I'm Loving

So, as I have already done my April favourites I decided to do this blog, as many of the products I have since purchased or found in a drawer. These products are make-up, haircare and skincare; so a big mixture.

Firstly is a body butter from Bodyshop. Even the thought of Body Butter makes me want to be sick, but this one is special, as it's good enough to eat. I got the body butter in a gift set from Christmas (I know, long time ago..) and have only just realised I had it. As my mum uses a Bodyshop butter I thought it couldn't be too bad, and infact it is amazing. I have the Srawberry Body Butter, and WOW, it smells just like those little chewy shrimp you can get in pick'n'mix bags. As you can imagine, the smell is heavenly, and the product itself lasts really well. I applied the body butter this morning, and can still smell it as 2:39pm. Over all, it's a greatly moisturizing product, with a great smell- it also melts easily.

Secondly is a new love of mine, Bedhead's Superstar Sulfate-Free Shampoo For Thick, Massive Hair. I think the name is a bit, wrong, as it produces thick, massive hair; and is for thin, sulky hair. This shampoo must be the most attractive shampoo I have ever experienced, as the packaging is shiny pink (yay!) and looks great in the shower. As for the preformance of this beast, it's great; I have volumized, shiny hair that is really managable. The only bad thing is fly-away hair, which I tend to get after using this, but it's worth it. I would really recommend this product, and can't wait to buy myself the conditioner to match.

Another favourite this week would have to be my Maybelline Eye Studio for Natural Impact. I have the 05 Glamour Browns and wow, it's great. I have found the 4 colours work great together and last all day (which is a change..). The 4 colours include a light cream, shimmery gold, dark shimmer brown, and a dark brown/black mixture; which create perfection when used together. The packaging also has a lovely little model eye with 4 different sections, of which are labelled with 'directions of use'. Nifty idea, and a great long lasting product- perfect.

Lastly, I have to say my favourite 'product' this month would be.. my new GHDs, which are great. I never knew my hair could be so sleek and straight. Mum brought them for me (thanks!) and they came with a heat proof mat and an 150ml bottle of GHD Thermal Protector. Okay, so the Thermal spray isn't that great, but atleast I can now say I have tried it. Yes, it's expensive; meaning you would think it was great, and even though it does work- it seems to make my hair sticky and un-managable (boo!) but I will keep using it. If you are wondering why I haven't had GHDs before hand (and that I am a loser who didn't have straighteners until she was 15..) it is because I had some perfectly great Remington straightners. They were fine, until 1 of my dogs, who is 32kilos came and stood on the poor things, leaving them cracked in two, which was a bit of a safety hazard, right?

Over all, I love all these products and would recommend them, you just have to try them!

P.S, If anybody knows how to remove the grey line from around my signature image, please comment below, as it looks pretty stupid. x

Saturday, May 1

Treacle Moon- New Discovery

A few weeks ago my mum came home with a lovely 'Raspberry Kiss' shower gel which was £2.97. I thought to myself 'here we go.. she's brought a cheap, tacky shower gel.. ' but WOW. I smelt it and I am addicted. I think I have used more than she has. It smells sweet, sugary but clean and leaves my skin soft and nourished.

I then searched for Treacle Moon on the internet, and found a lovely little site with 5 different flavours. They also stock body butter, hand cream, hand wash, body scrub and the shower gel that also combines into a bath gel. I think I was attracted to the products because of the lovely neat packaging, which is modern, sleek and creative. I like how the packaging has a sort of long descriptive poem on the front, which is really artistic.

Next time I get to visit tesco's (yay..) I will have to buy some of the other flavours, which consist of One Ginger Morning, The Vanilla Moment, Those Lemonade Days and of course Raspberry Kiss. I
 will be sure to let you know when I try some more of their products.

My new cheap and fantastic brand.