Wednesday, December 22

FunnyFace Beauty: Giveaway!

If you love makeup and cosmetics as much as me, you will fall off your seat when you see this.. 

Alicia is treating one lucky subscribers/follower to all of these products. See what I mean, I bet you fell off your chair didn't you? 

She's doing the giveaway to celebrate the festive season, as well as show her appreciation for reaching 1000 subscribers. And if that isn't enough, her mum has even pitched in by 'donating' a Audrey Hepburn calendar! 

So you should definitely get over there and check it out. You can enter the giveaway here, but remember to read the rules before you enter.


  1. Thanks Sophie...I love the way you wrote about it. I should get you to write my giveaway
    Thanks for entering and subscribing

  2. Thanks Alicia! It is a really great giveaway and I am sure the winner will be absolutely delighted :)


  3. oh, and I was already subscribed to your channel- I love your reviews. :)


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