Wednesday, December 22

Elf Studio Makeup Mist & Set

A few weeks ago I ordered two separate orders from Elf Cosmetics, and in the first to arrive was the Mist & Set. Thankfully though, mine hadn't leaked, which I have heard happens very regularly. Maybe an error in production going on there?

Quite sleek packaging though isn't it? It has a spray 'device' that works really well, it lets out just the right amount of liquid at just the right pressure. It smells great too, very subtle- though the cap doesn't, it smells like chemicals. (little weird?)

Rating= 7/10

Although this is a great product for £3.50, I believe that it just isn't that great. When you first use it you can feel your skin being really damp, though in the mirror it just looks dewy. While it's drying I wouldn't touch it, else it smears your makeup- let me tell you, that isn't a good look! (oops) 

As for the product actually working though..

I tested it out a few times, keeping an eye on my makeup throughout the day, and I found my makeup started looking a little rough at around 4pm.. good for me, as I finish school at 3:05pm so have enough time to go home and refresh before going out again. For others though, this may become an issue. 

When using this I find my skin looks dewy, feels comfortable (well moisturised) and looks fresh. Another issue though, is my skin does look slightly greasy when using this. If I put on my foundation, put on my powder, then apply this- my face can look a little over dewy. This is a bit funny, as I have extremely dry skin and never usually have an issue with excess oil. Weird?


Over all, I believe this is a great product and worth a try at £3.50. It will last me a long time too, which is always a plus. As for it actually working, I believe it does a good enough job for me. It isn't amazing, but it isn't bad either. If like me, you are still in school, this is perfect to keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the day. 

You can visit ELF for yourself here!

Hope you are all having a good day, and ready for christmas :)

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