Friday, September 3

Why so sad Sophie?

This is a really sad post to write, but it is very necessary. I am now in a very important term of school as it's my last year. I am in my last year of GCSEs and want to succeed. I am not saying that blogging will somehow make me fail, but I cannot deal with feeling bad for not blogging and wanting to blog instead of revise. I am a person who will think 10 minutes of blogging will be fine and I will have enough time to revise, when I end up spending 30 minutes instead. When this adds up, I have missed a lot of revision time. 

Which means I won't be blogging as much. Hopefully 1 a week if possible, but if not I am very sorry. GCSEs have to take priority over my hobby and passion for beauty and blogging. I will still be buying, buying, buying though! In June 2011 I will have a good few months to blog, and during Christmas 2010 hopefully but I cannot guarantee anything. 

I know this may sound a bit of an over reaction but I really want to do my best, and don't want to think when I am older that if I had paid more attention to my revision I would have got much better grades. I know my mum has always regretted going off the rails during her GCSEs as she was more interested in boys, makeup and clubbing. Bad mummy! I just don't want blogging to bite me on the bum :)

I hope you all understand. I may blog more than once a week but I also may not, so it's easier to tell you now than have to explain later on. 

P.S, I wanted you to see those super cute images I found on tumblr. :)


  1. Good luck with your GCSE's! Totally understandable, they're very important :) x

  2. Unfortunately I took the same path as your mum and I really regret that so I totally understand. Good luck hun. x

  3. Take your time, darling. Study well, and do come back later. We're going to miss you :)


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