Tuesday, September 7

Tag: Either/Or..

I was tagged by Lisa to do this post, and had to do it because it looked so damn cute and fun!


blusher or bronzer: I don't suite bronzer because I am so pale, so I would have to say blusher.
lip gloss or lip stick: I love love love lipstick.
eye liner or mascara: Mascara if I had to choose, but I couldn't live without both!
foundation or concealer: Nasty question! I would say foundation because it's a very light concealer isn't it?
neutral or colour eye shadow: Neutral all the way. I love browns and nudes.
pressed or loose eye: I don't mind either. I adore Barry M Dazzle Dusts :)
brushes or sponges: Definitely brushes!

opi or china glaze: I haven't tried either, though I love the names OPI comes up with.
long or short: Long :)
acrylic or natural: As I currently have acrylic nails on, I think it's obvious what my choice is. I love acrylic nails as they make my nails look so beautiful. They have to be proper ones though, not cheap stick-ons from a drugstore!
brights or darks: I would have to go against these and say lights. I am very pale so only light colours suit my hands.. :(


perfume or body splash: Perfume!
lotion or body butter: Lotion is easier for me.
body wash or soap: Body wash as I love the packaging :)lush or other bath company: Lush definitely.


jeans or sweat pants: Jeans as I only wear sweatpants around the house.
long sleeve or short : Short as I hate being too warm!
dresses or skirts: Dresses make me look taller.
stripes or plaid: Neither.. :(
flip flops or sandals: I love gladiator sandals atm.
scarves or hats: Snoods are really fashionable, ya'know the scarves that are connected at both ends :)
necklaces or bracelets: Necklaces hang perfectly on my dainty (or boney) neck.
heels or flats: Flats for the day time and heels when I am out and about.
cowboy boots or riding boots: As I used to ride I prefer riding boots. Loverly ;)
jacket or hoodie: I am really liking my bomber jacket atm, so would have to say jackets. Hoodies are way too casual!

curly or straight: I have naturally straight hair which won't hold curl.. 
bun or ponytail: I love ponytails but it's not fashionable at my school, so buns. 
bobby pins or butterfly clips: I heart bobby pins :)
hair spray or gel: I prefer hair spray or matt clay.
long or short: Long! My hair is at the height where my necklaces hang right now.. I am trying to grow it out :)
light or dark: Dark. I was always picked on for having light hair which apparently was ginger (it really wasn't..) so hate light hair now. Mine is a medium brown I would say.
side sweep bangs or full bangs: I have a mix of both really, but I prefer side swept.
up or down: Down if I straighten it.


rain or shine: Shine but without the heat and glare.
summer or winter: Summer is great but winter is definitely my choice. I love the snow, the scarfs and the evenings cuddled up by the fireplace. It's so romantic :)
fall or spring: Fall. I like the fashion more!
chocolate or vanilla: What in? Ice cream? If so.. CHOCOLATE!


  1. This is a cute tag! Might have to do it too (=

  2. love your answers =) i love reading peoples tags as its a great way to get to know people. love your blog!xx


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