Sunday, September 5

Superdrug Haul- Barry M & Gosh

Another haul, though only a tiny one. My local Superdrug had some lush sales on today while Boots didn't, so you can all guess where I decided to spend my pennies (no, I didn't 'spend a penny' as in having a wee!)


Firstly Barry M, who has a 3 for 2 sale on so I managed to save £4.50 on these 3 dazzle dusts. God was it hard trying to test out the colours with my acrylic nails! (read below)

Without Flash
With Flash

No.86 is called Candy I think, and is a very bright pink. It isn't a baby pink and isn't a dark fuchsia pink; it's a mix of both. I have to be careful with pink as it can sometimes look like you have been punched in the eye, but this is beautiful.

No.88 is called Winter Berry and is a dark purple with fuchsia specks, making it a very shimmery christmas colour. I have found a new love!

No.44 is called Bronze. I already have Tan, but this is a much richer colour as it's pretty much gold.. very bright :)


So.. I purchased a lipstick and an eyeshadow brush, both were £6 each! Kerching :)

Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick in Darling. Hannah made me buy this, so I 110% blame her! It's probably the best lipstick I own as it suits my pale skin perfectly and is a really nice texture. Also it's much cheaper than the No7 and Clinique lipsticks I currently own. The texture is very creamy and well.. velvet. And the colour is a really light nude with pink undertones, which warms up any complexion really!

With flash

Without flash

I didn't go too crazy at the Gosh section, but I am definitely going to get more of those lipsticks!

Without flash

With flash

As I said, I picked up two items.. and this was the second item :) 
It's the flat XL eyeshadow brush and is great for blending. I really needed a larger brush for my eye makeup and this is just perfect. It's soft, flexible and doesn't soak up too much of the eyeshadows I use which I find some very cheap brushes do. For £6 you can't go wrong, though I don't know whether any of the other brushes are any good. 

Oh, and I finally have acrylic nails. I had them back in December 2009 and loved them, but my mum is so busy I could on now get an appointment with her. I obviously get them free, so I'm not priority! She's an amazing nail technician and my nails are amazing :)

Big question.. Barry M or Gosh? or is it too hard a choice to make?

P.S hannah, it wasn't all your fault I brought an amazing lipstick ;)


  1. Love the nails, so lucky that your Mum does them :D

  2. Very difficult decision, Gosh.

  3. lovely haul! those dazzle dusts look gorgoeus :)im going to have to say barry m! i just found your blog btw.. its lovely :) you have a new follower <33

  4. nice haul!love all the products you got! xx

  5. Yay im glad you like Gosh Darling!:):) xx

  6. My favouriiiite creamy nude lipstick.
    I also am a huge fan of MYTH by mac but this one dries my lips a little.
    And gosh is way much cheap so, he's the winner :)


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