Thursday, September 9

Secondary School Must Haves

I have been planning this post for weeks, which is why it is so long. 
Feel free to stop halfway through for breath ;)

Firstly you need a decent school bag. It should be fashionable, yet practical. I have chosen a teal/navy shoulder bag which also has a cross body strap that can be removed if necessary- perfect for walking home! I think mine is waterproof as it's a leather type of material which is always handy in bad weather; you don't want your school work getting wet! I got my bag for £22 in New Look.

Basic Checklist:

- Practical school bag
(rucksack, shoulder bag, cross-body bag etc.)
- Comfortable Shoes
I brought some sticky heel pads for mine, as one foot is 1/2 a size smaller than the other one :)

- All necessary stationary
- Scientific Calculator for the days you have maths
- Glasses or contact lenses if needed
- Makeup bag mentioned below
- Purse containing some spare change
- Phone in case of an emergency, and maybe your door key?
- iPod if you walk home and want to pass the time quickly
- Feminine items. It's best if these are hidden in zipped pocket or a tin.
- Lunchbox and drink if needed (yes, that one is a tad obvious I know!) 

Seasonal/Optional Items:
depending on weather or your timetable 
you may need to carry these items

- Umbrella
- Scarf/Snood and other winter items (gloves, hat, etc.)
- I sometimes carry around a pair of decent bed socks in the winter just incase my feet get too cold in class. I get purple feet when they are cold and it bloody hurts!
- Chewing Gum or Breathe Freshener. Especially if you have a tendency to eat cheese and onion crisps, eew!

Makeup Bag (optional):

I always find it best to take a few essentials to school with me. You never know when you will need something. Take into account that friends may ask to borrow hair bands during PE, or to use your mirror during lunch..

I got this little makeup bag from Primark, and I think it was £3?
It fits everything into it perfectly and I even have a little space left for more lipgloss :)

-Bobbi Pins for if you wear your hair up.
-Small Eyeliner
-Sample of Perfume
Mini toothbrush ball 
(don't worry, I think I may be the only person in the world who carries one of these)

Clear Nail Varnish for when you get rips in your tights
- Hair Bands are important for PE as everyone will 
want to borrow one!
- I take some Dental sticks with me just incase, you could take floss if you don't have braces unlike me.
- Nail Emery Board
-Pressed Powder for touching up those oily parts during the day :)
- Safety Pin. My friend had an unfortunate accident where her trousers split during the day and she couldn't do anything about it. Lucky I had a safety pin! 

- Hand Cream which I have repotted into a smaller
 Body Shop sample pot.
- A small kabuki brush, I don't know why I carry 
this as I don't need it.. 
- No7 mini Mascara for a little added volume during the day
- The most important thing for me is my No7 Concealer just incase you get a unsuspected lurker (spot) on your face.
- I carry 3 lip products. Collection 2000 Love your lips, Body Shop lip and cheek stain, and Barry M Lip gloss. :)

I haven't actually pictured my Vaseline, but if you get dry lips like me, you may want to carry that instead of lip stains etc.

Aswell as these items I have a hair spray, dry shampoo, deodorant, hand sanitizer and other items I find I use daily.

I am not going to go through everything, but will instead show you an image of most of the items you should need. You may want to take a sharpener with you, or some coloured pens/pencils. :)

I hope this helps my younger followers!
I understand that not every girl wears makeup or needs to take hairspray to school with them, but this works for me. What could you not live without at school? Have I missed off a fundamental item? :) 

Disclaimer; I was not asked to mention any brands or products in this post. I am not affiliated to any companies, and was not paid to produce this post. Many items mentioned may not be needed for everyone, but are what I find I need at my school. If you do not agree with the items shown, please do not leave a nasty comment. 


  1. lovely post darling :) i always find these kinda posts interesting <33

  2. Great post!

    Your makeup bag is lovely ^^

  3. Loved this post! So helpful!! :) xx


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