Sunday, September 26

E.L.F Haul time!

Guess what came in the post last week? My long awaited Elf goodies. I ordered them 2 days before, which is pretty good postage if you ask me. I am already writing down what I want to buy next time!
I spent £18.50 for the 7 products I purchased, which is just under half my pocket money per month. But how can I complain when on average everything I got was £2.64.. So, what did I get?

 2 Mineral Lipsticks (Natural Nymph and Runway Pink)
These are both beautiful. Runway Pink has the slightest red undertone on my lips instead of a plain pink, where as Natural Nymph is a clear dupe of Gosh Darling. Both are extremely soft on the lips, but do seem to show up dry lips. I would recommend wearing these over a lip balm!

 1 Nail Polish (Desert Haze)
New obsession? I think so. This is a beautiful light nude colour, which is a pretty beige colour on my nails. It suites my pale complexion and is a great texture. I used 2 coats for a proper finish :)

 2 Studio Line Single Eyeshadows (Pebble and Saddle)
I don't know what to say about these. They are beautiful colours, but you HAVE to use a primer under them or they disappear before your eyes. I will definitely get some more!

 1 All Over Colour Stick (Pink Lemonade)
Hmmm. It smells like Orange Lemonade and chemicals, but is pretty nice on my cheeks. Its not oily, and is very easy to blend. I definitely love the colour though.

Visit E.L.F Cosmetics here

I am going to buy more products from Elf, and would recommend you try the Studio Line; as it's much better than the original line. What's your favourite Elf product?

UPDATE: I am planning on another blog soon giving a brief review of each item; but as I haven't tried them all out yet I will wait a while before doing this. I also have a Benefit haul coming up, so will review them too.


  1. These sound like amazing items! (:

  2. great haul! will love to know how these work out for you. my favorite products are their nail varnishes =) xx


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