Tuesday, September 28

Benefit Haul :)

I love my mum, and am not afraid to say it. She took me to the Benefit counter in Boots to try out some of their foundations, and I left with 5 amazing products. I only went to the Benefit counter after trying Urban Decay, Clinique, No7, L'Oreal, Max Factor and many other foundations in my quest for a non-orange foundation for my vampire complexion!

I was delighted when my mum took me over to the Benefit counter, because I knew the assistant would sit me down in that chair. The chair where you know you will sit quietly and observe as she shows you all the different products. It's a marvellous past time! :)

So, what did I get? I am sure you are intrigued..

'That Gal' Face Primer @ £20.50
This is probably the nicest smelling primer I have ever smelt. I was given a sample of this a few weeks ago when I brought the Boi-ing concealer (which is great btw!) and it lasted me a week. I was really interested in getting it because my skin felt amazing when I used it. It's a great primer because it gives constant moisture while not allowing your foundation to clog your pores. Great huh?

'Some Kind-a Gorgeous' Foundation @ £21.50
I have only used this once, but it's pretty great. 1) They actually do my shade 2) It's a creamy texture so it's silky and has a great coverage 3) It's in such cute packaging. Need I say more? It lasts all day and comes in a great little compact, so it's great for taking in your bag with you.

'Georgia' Face Powder @ £23.50
Did I really need this? Did I just waste £23.50? I did need it, and it wasn't a waste. I definitely recommend this. It gives a peachy glow so it's perfect for fair complexions like me. It makes me look glowing without looking like a clown.

'The Porefessional' Pore Minimiser @ £23.50
Wow. When did they invent this little beauty? It totally gets rid of my open pores and makes me feel so less self conscious of my blackheads (sorry, but it has to be said) which is a great reason to buy anything! You smooth it on your bad areas and it makes them disappear. Don't ask me how it works though..

4x Mini 'Posietint' @ Free!
The Benefit assistant was so sweet, she gave me 4 little samples of Posietint- two of which my mum has.  I would of preferred different samples but she didn't have anything else; though I am still happy with the Posietint. :)

What's your favourite product from Benefit? 
Have you ever had a makeover at Benefit?


  1. AMAZING buys! You're so lucky! I had a makeover at Benefit recently and they used the porefessional on me. I loved it! I really want some! :) xx

  2. Wow, you've got lots of goodies!

  3. You're very lucky! Buying Benefit things always make me so more excited than any other products, except maybe Urban Decay! I love Georgia, it's stunning :)
    Kat x Click&Make-Up

  4. I love benefit - I just can't resist the cute packaging :)
    Just found you blog by the way and i love it!

  5. wowee 10mls of posie tint that's almost a full size bottle!
    thank you for your lovely comment, i'll put a post up in the next couple of days on pale foundations so look out for that! xx

  6. Oh god, I need the porefessional, seems like working and hide ugly blackheads YAY
    I have the posie tint and It's reaaaly nice but kind of hard to apply with the fingers I think, way much easier with a fluffly brush

  7. Lovely post! Some amazing buys!! :)

  8. Great blog! A real make-up addict will love the products I have on my blog lol http://ofracosmetic.blogspot.com ;)

  9. LOVE benefit!


  10. Nice haul :) I am a new follower and I must say, you have a lovely blog :).

  11. great purchases porefessional is on my hitlist!

    im a new follower of your lovely blog if you like the sound of some freebies before crimbo check out my blog for a giveaway : D


  12. ohh my gosh I'm so jealous! I've heard such great things about benefit <3 definitely going to have to have a turn sitting in the chair! :)


  13. Benefit is really expensive where I live, things start at around $50-60.


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