Sunday, August 29

Tag: About Me

I have done a few of these lately, but I am sure you don't mind hearing about my 'outside blogspot' life. Here are my honest answers :)

1) What's your favourite fashion magazine?
I don't really have one, though I do like InStyle and Glamour.

2) Who is your favourite singer/band?
I am really 'diggin' Ellie Goulding's music right now. I love Writer and Guns & Horses :)

3) Who is your favourite youtube guru?
Either Lollipop26 or Juicystar07

4) What is your favourite makeup product?
Right now I love the Barry M Nail Paints, especially in Strawberry I/C and Pink Flamingo

5) Where would you like to live?
I currently live in Cornwall, and though I would like to live in London; I am linked to the first and biggest Cornish family that ever existed, so probably couldn't bring myself to leave. We even have our own crest of arms :)

6) What is your favourite film?
Sex and The City 2. I don't own it yet, but I will when it comes out. It was hilarious!!

7) How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Too many! I have 4 boxes full of shoes :)

8) What's your favourite colour?
I don't know.. I like pink, I like teal, and I like neutral colours.

I thought I would add some images I found on tumblr, hope you enjoyed them. :)


  1. London isn't as great as it sounds, trust me. I loved Cornwall when i went there for a holiday. I actually cried on the way back (i was about 10 haha) x

  2. Christina @ Really? I have been there I think 5 times (?) and kinda love the hustle and bustle, though it can be quite scary at night times. One time me, my mum and my gran went to see a concert at the O2 and didn't get back until around 1am where we couldn't get a taxi or a bus and the underground was closed. We were petrified! When we finally got a taxi we ended up tipping him, and not just a few pence, because he kinda saved us! :)

    Hmm.. what a day that was! xoxo


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