Wednesday, August 25

Style Lovin': Rachel Bilson

I have never really been interested in Rachel Bilson, but have always loved her fashion sense. Her hair always looks gorgeous too.

Here are a few beautiful pictures of her stunning style, even her casual clothing is trendy and sophisticated. I totally agree with everything she is wearing; there is nothing I dislike, except the cuffs in the last photo.

Gorgeous dress that really suits her figure.

I really want those boots ^

Do you like Rachel Bilson's style? Good or bad? 

I intend to make a Style Lovin' series, is that something you would be interested in or not? 


  1. Good! Her style is really cute (:

  2. @Reyna- I totally agree with you! x

  3. And it's definitely fine that you started doing posts like this! They're a lot of fun!

    And I love your blog(:


  4. Thank Reyna, I had only just found your blog and couldn't stop reading :) x

  5. New follower here and I already love your blog! :) I adore Rachel's style, she's gorgeous isn't she? Definitely keep the style lovin' series going. x


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