Friday, August 27

Style Lovin': Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad, is known for her starring role in The Hills; an addictive program that has only recently finished filming. She was such a great character. Do you think it was scripted or not? I still can't decide.. I hope it wasn't!

One thing I love about Lauren Conrad's style is how she wears such simple outfits when she is on the red carpet, yet they always look brilliant. She hardly ever wears necklaces to big events I have noticed, and I just adore her perfectly winged eyeliner!

It took me a while to find the outfit she was wearing for The Hills interview when the last episode finished.

I love everything about this outfit- from the blazer to the vintage floral skirt to the beautiful shoes. :)

Doesn't her hair look amazing here (left)? 

What do you think of Lauren's style; love it or hate it?

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  1. i love her style too. its relaxed yeah sophisticated at the same time. the perfect mix =)


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