Monday, August 30

Style Lovin': Kim Kardashian

I don't really like her, though everybody seems to be obsessed with her. Probably because I have never watched her show, which I probably should..

Anyway, fashion-wise she has a great style. I admit when I looked for outfits some were a tad slutty, but her casual outfits are absolutely beautiful. Her makeup and hair can make you go 'wow!' at times, and she definitely isn't ashamed of her body.. 

She always has great shoes!

I would definitely wear this :)

Simple and sophisticated; she looks stunning :)

 Do you wish you had her wardrobe? Or is it not your kinda thing?

I would swap for her wardrobe any day of the week! :)


  1. It's incredible how wearing nothing special, she always looks great! When older, I want to be like her! :)

  2. I love her style she always seems to look great.
    Just found your blog and following xx

  3. i love love love your blog :D It's one of my favourite ones ive seen today :) 'x


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