Saturday, August 28

Style Lovin': Ashley Tisdale

I have always liked Ashley Tisdale, because I think she is so beautiful. I am embarrassed to say I have seen HSM and she is a great actor; no wonder she afford such stunning clothes. I wish I had her wardrobe. 

She is so casual! I searched endlessly to find great dresses she wore on the red carpet, but in most of the pictures she just wore some skinny jeans and heels. I want everything she owns!

I chose this image because she looks so casual, yet dressed up at the same time. I love the sunnies :)

This dress looks amazing against her tan, and her hair.

I would never put a biker jacket with that outfit, but it looks amazing!

I saved the best until last, isn't her dress just adorable?

What do you think? Is she just 'that girl' who works with Disney, or a gorgeous style icon? 

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  1. I think she is one of the teenagers that better understand what fashion is and how to wear it in a way that suits her body. It is not just fashion, but adapting it to your style and body characteristics.

    I really think she's one to look up when searching for nice outfits



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