Monday, August 9

Perfume Review- SJP NYC & Daisy by Marc Jacobs

What is up with this weather? I even had to have my electric blanky on last night because my baby toe was blue! 

Moving on from that, I have two beautiful new perfumes ready to review for you all today. In Bristol Airport Departure's I got the brand new SJP NYC and in the Tenerife Airport Departure's I got Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Both are absolute beauts!

I love Sarah Jessica Parker so when I saw she was bringing out SJP NYC, I was very happy. I love the retro wallpaper, and the bright pink bottle. It's so cute, especially the zebra print stripe! 

As for the scent, it's very fruity with strawberry and mandarin top notes and even hint of rum. I would say it smells a bit like wine, even though I think there is honeysuckle in there somewhere. Great for wearing to school/work, but more for a night out. And even though it was £23 (duty-free) I would say it's well worth it, as 60ml of this liquid gold will definitely last. But make sure -like all other perfumes- that you keep it out of direct sunlight!

Marc Jacobs, what can I say? it's pretty lush! I was intrigued by the bottle because of the cute rubber daisies, and I saw Kate (Dollybowbow) on Youtube had this perfume. I have the 50ml bottle, but they do also sell a 100ml bottle.

The scent of Daisy is really floral, and smells like a bunch of fresh flowers. Though I am sure it smells a bit like apples? -maybe that's just me- It's a very sophisticated smell, so I wouldn't really wear it everyday.. more like a spritz for a special occasion or meal out. I think I paid £37 (duty-free) for the 50g bottle, which would usually sell for £46. What a saving!

Rounding all that up..

If I was only allowed one, I think I don't think I would be able to choose! I prefer the SJP NYC scent, but love the Daisy bottle as it's so cute! They are both great perfumes for meals out, but I personally wouldn't wear them daily. For the prices I would definitely get the SJP NYC as you get 10ml more for nearly half the price. I guess you are paying for the Marc Jacob's label with Daisy though..

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  1. These look great, i agree, the weather is horrible! :) xx


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