Tuesday, August 24

OOTD & NOTD: Barry M

So yesterday I applied the Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream. It's a cute pastel shade and makes my hands look slightly more tanned than they are (not very!) which is always a plus. I am slowly building a collection of these nail paints as at £2.95 each they are really reasonable!

I used my No7 Stay Strong as a bottom/top coat, even though it's supposed to be used to strengthen your nails. I haven't had any chipping or peeling when using it, which I have found does occur when I used some other top/bottom coats.. Maybe my nails are just different? special? freaky?

I also used my second-hand (..was my mum's) nail dryer, which isn't very powerful, I would recommend using a hair dryer on the eco or cool setting preferably. Then finished off with some hand and cuticle butter and 'whol-aa', beautifully pink :)

Today I went shopping with my mum for a few little school essentials- pencils, pens, mini dry shampoo (hehe) and mini deodorant. After all, I don't want to suddenly and unexpectedly be attacked by greasy hair and smelly armpits do I? That would totally ruin my reputation ;)

On to the actual outfit. I didn't have enough time to snap a photo before leaving for town, but did get around to taking one as soon as I got back in. Sorry my boots are 'unseen', I totally forgot about showing you before I had already taken off..

Top (unseen) - Jane Norman
Beige Cardi/Top? - Jane Norman
Jeggings - Newlook
Boots (already been taken off) - M&S and are featured in a blog from a few days ago.

Again taken when I had gotten home, so most of it had disappeared. I basically wanted to show you what I wore on my eyes..

Mascara- Sexy Curves in Intensive Black by Rimmel
Eyeliner- Bad Gal by Benefit (smudged above the eye and drawn on the waterline)
Eyeshadow- 'Tan' Dazzle Dust by Barry M 
- Lightest Cream from the 'Storm' Sleek Palette

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