Sunday, August 15

NOTD- Barry M

Just a quick little post from me today.. 

I am loving Blueberry Ice Cream, the nail paint by Barry M. It's a pale blue and makes my nails look super special! I think all of the Barry M nail paints are £2.95, but I may be wrong. I love Barry M because it's just so colourful and great quality. I used 2 coats of the Blueberry Ice Cream this time, though 1 coat looked perfectly fine. I used it with a really cheap top & bottom coat which is probably really old- but it hasn't chipped yet! :)

sorry about the bad quality!

And a little note- OMG, it was the last episode of The Hills today. I will definitely miss it! How emotional was the Kristin & Brody scene? *wipes tear*

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  1. Ohhh gorgeous! Love thye colour, i want to pick this up next time im in Superdrug! :) xx


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