Saturday, August 21

Ins & Outs

It's half way through the month of August, but it feels like October. I felt like writing this post today, as the weather shows me it's the end of summer- no matter what month it is. Summer hasn't been that great this year, and I am already looking around for christmas presents (.. scanning through sale items!) which is bazaar really. I went to Tenerife for a week which was absolutely amazing, but the rest of June-August has been a complete bore!

 I mean, someone needs to have a serious conversation with Mr.Sun as he definitely doesn't have his hat on (hip hip hip hooray) today, or any other day this month..

1) My beautiful new Macbook Pro (13"). I adore this thing- who knew technology was so clever? You can even talk to it, and it will do what you say.. that's pretty cool. I love being able to actually explore the internet quickly, instead of spending most of the time looking at a loading sign. I also love leaving myself sticky notes, which is an actual application on my MB pro. Yes, most of them are silly like 'hello! remember.. smile :)' or 'BOO!' but it's still a good application.

2) I am currently lovin' my Dolly Bow Bow jewellery. I love how their collection is all vintage chic, and kinda retro.

3) Makeup wise, I have been using the Body Shop's Lip & Cheek Stain a lot since I got 2 for free in the InStyle magazines. Another product I am applying by the shovel right now is No7 Tinted Moisturiser as it's light and quick to apply. (not literally by a shovel, that would cause a bit of arm ache!)

4) I may be going to see Britain's Next Top Model at the London Excel in October with my best friend. I am so excited, but it isn't for definite yet!

1) Television. Long gone are the days of Glee and Desperate Housewives being on each week, and Waterloo Road. Boo, where are all the good series going now-a-days? Even The Hills has gone, but unlike the others it's gone forever *wipes tear*

2) Jeans are out right now for me. I am either seen in skirts, dresses, jeggings or leggings. I find jeans are so uncomfortable compared to leggings, as they are always too bulky. Is it just me?

3) I used to love St.Ives Apricot Scrub, but it just doesn't work anymore. The apricot scrub used to work wonders on my t-zone black heads (eeww), but now they are starting to invade again. I hate how they make me feel; like I am unhygienic and dirty. That's totally the opposite of how i actually am though!

4) I am not too happy with Newlook right now. It's pathetic, I went in the yesterday to buy a cardigan and absolutely none (and I mean none, not even the ugly ones!) were in size 10. I was very annoyed! :)

I am loving Pack Up by Eliza Dolittle, Eeenie Meenie by Sean Kingston (ft. Justin Bieber) and The Boy Who Murdered Love by Diana Vickers. What music are you into right now?

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